What is IYF TV? Pros and Cons of IYF.TV


Asian films and dramas specifically ones that originate from China, Korea, and Japan are getting more popular all over the world. Many people love them due to their distinctive exotic emotions and touching stories. Within Europe and America there are few places to enjoy Chinese, Korean, and Japanese films and dramas. There are a few sites that offer Asian movie sites, few are of sufficient quantity and quality with iyf tv

Many Asian film websites on the internet don’t offer the latest movies and dramas that are available, which is unfortunate especially if you’re watching an upcoming Chinese drama. Here, we’ll examine IYF TV, a website that has a huge selection of dramas, movies and documentaries of Asian countries.

What is IYF TV?

IYF TV is an Asian streaming site that streams many movies documentaries, dramas as well as variety shows and other videos. Although it’s a relatively new website, it’s far from the competition in terms of both quality and the quantity of content. The site has more than 10,000 films including 10,000+ TV dramas and 1800+ variety programs with 3000+ cartoons and 1300+ documentaries. The website ranks one of the top when it regards the amount of content it offers among Asian film websites.

It is worth noting that the IYF TV has two modes both premium and free; both have pros and cons.

Modular free mode


In the free mode, you can stream all dramas and movies through IYF TV free of cost. It’s the default mode on the site. If you’d like to utilize it, there is no need to create an account or provide financial or personal details.


The free mode, however, is add-supported and you’ll have to face annoying advertisements that pop up often. Another drawback of the free mode is the video quality. With free mode you are unable to download anything from the site and you can only view dramas and movies in the 480p or lower resolution.

Premium mode


In the Premium version of IYF TV is free of annoying advertisements. It lets you enjoy your favorite movie in ultra-high definition, such as 4k and 2k. It allows you to download any film or series you wish to watch in 4k and watch it offline. Premium mode lets you request dramas, movies, and variety programs that aren’t accessible on the website. If you’ve got an action or a film that you enjoy but isn’t available on IYFTV then you can request it through premium mode and the site will download it for you.


To use the premium mode you must pay a fee for subscription according to the plan you have selected. You will need to sign up for an account and supply your financial details. IYF TV provides the following premium packages.

  1. Gold VIP 30 days of service for just 15 euro.
  2. Gold VIP Package of 180 days for just 69 euros.
  3. Extreme VIP For 119 euro, you can get a year’s subscription.

What are the best ways to locate movies or documentaries, dramas and other shows in IYF TV?

IYF TV is a website that features an extremely precise navigation system. The library of videos includes movies television dramas and variety shows, as well as cartoons and physical education videos. games, documentary videos news, everyday video clips, music videos Fashion and Technology videos.

The above categories are all principal categories, each having subcategories or genres. Each main category includes distinct genres, and it provides you with an the ability to quickly identify exactly what you need. Here is a list of genres each major category includes.

  1. Film: It has Comedy love, action crimes, fantasy, fiction adventure, disaster terror, plot as well as war, singing and dancing suspense animated, homosexuality and an online film as categories and subcategories.
  2. television dramas: This primary category includes Idol Love, Romance, ancient costume and history as well as the fable, spy warfare, adventures urban, science-fiction military, comedy, combat, rivers and lakes crime family war, youth suspense, pass through myth, palace, Trade war, gangsters action, thriller, plot homosexuality, fantasy as well as skits, which are genres.
  3. Variety shows: This main category includes reality shows, drafts Talk shows, Network Synthesis humorous, sports, emotions music, interviews parties, and more as subcategories.
  4. Cartoons: It has blood fighting, fighting, air war girl, sports magic, science fiction funny thinking adventure, love, campus cure quick noodles, pass-through supernatural, danmei, the theatrical version, and many other genres.
  5. Education for physical activity: This main category includes Olympics complete, basketball as well as football-related subcategories.
  6. Documentary This documentary has the categories of culture and exploration, military decrypt, technology, figures, history nature, as well as other as subcategories.
  7. Game It is the main area that is dedicated to gaming video and includes Gaming games online as well as stand-alone, host and mobile games in subcategories.
  8. News It is a category about news-related videos. It comprises international news China News, Chinese information as well as finance, military and as subcategories.
  9. Life It is a category that includes video clips of everyday life and its subcategories include funny daily food, animals, amazing floral arrangements, travelling, information and constellations, marriage and even catching the waves.
  10. Music The Music category contains the entirety of music videos available on IYF TV. The subcategories include music information such as MV, self-made songs, dance and on-site.
  11. Fashion The category is comprised of the entirety of fashion-related videos on IYFTV. The subcategories are makeup, shows, fitness photos and clothing.
  12. Technologies: This main category includes technology-related content; its subcategories are car, digital computers, cell phones and arms.

How do I watch films in HD online with IYF TV?

Watching films online on IYF TV is very easy without the tangles and twists that you can find on other similar websites. It is possible to watch films online on IYFTV by following these steps.

  1. Visit ” www.Ify.tv.”
  2. Find the documentary, or television show you’re looking to catch You can do this effortlessly using the site’s efficient and thorough navigation system.
  3. Once you’ve landed on the movie you want to watch you can click it so that the show will play on a separate webpage.

How do I download movies on IYF TV?

The ability to download drama and movie episodes from IYF TV is as easy as streaming the content on the internet.

Premium Mode

  1. Choose the film you wish to download, then click.
  2. The video will begin streaming on an additional webpage. Under the video player, you’ll find an option to download along with thumbs up, down, share along with rate button. When you click it, your download will begin. Enjoy more movies on M4uHD.

Free Mode

Free mode on IYF TV doesn’t allow you to download films, dramas or anything else. If you’d like to download your preferred film in the free mode it is necessary to do so using a downloading program. We suggest using the online download manager.

  1. Install and download the Internet Download Manager on your personal computer.
  2. Accept Internet download manager extension to be added in the settings.
  3. Then go to iyf.tv Find the film you’d like to download and then click it.
  4. The video will play on a separate webpage. IDM will offer an option to download the movie above the video. Just click.
  5. Then, you need choose the location for downloading and click on’start download’. Then, your film will begin downloading.

IYF TV Is the format legal?

IYF TV provides Asian movies at no cost This is a major challenge to find a legitimate website. Although some legal websites offer free films however they aren’t very popular in terms of number. The ability to offer a film gratis is just possible when you’ve bought permission from original owners, or you’re the original owner.

This is the reason why offering movies legally and for free is only feasible in very small quantities. There’s no way that you could legally offer more than 20,000 movies or documentaries, dramas, or even dramas at no cost. The only method IYF TV can provide such an enormous amount of films and dramas is by copying them without the consent of the original owner. It is therefore an illegal and pirated site. Also, be aware of Apne Television.

Is it secure?

IYF TV is an illegal and pirated site, these websites are renowned for being hazardous in a variety of ways. Here are some risks we believe you need to be aware of.

  1. Advertisements: Free mode of the website is ad-supported that means you will encounter a variety of irritating ads to deal with. Advertisements on pirated websites aren’t just irritating They can also be dangerous. IYFTV’s are offered by unprofessional and suspicious advertising networks since well-known and secure ads networks like Google AdSense aren’t collaborating with websites that are illegal. Ads from untrustworthy ad networks are notorious for transmitting viruses and redirecting users to fraudulent websites.
  2. Information about your finances: To get the best version for IYF TV, you have to sign up for an account and supply the details of your credit card. Iyf.tv is a relatively new site, having its domain being registered less than 6 months back. Although there aren’t any negative reviews or scams regarding it, establishing trust is still a challenge. The risk of giving your financial details to someone who has a website that you don’t trust is risky.
  3. Issues with legality: In the past, IYF TV is a pirated website that is often banned in several countries. While being penalized by a pirated site is extremely rare but it does happen. When your state has laws that are strict against piracy, you could be in serious trouble. You could face hefty fines or even jailed If you’re not lucky. Find out further about GoMovies.

How to be secure when making use of IYF Television?

While IYF TV is dangerous, it’s not at a level where there’s no way to operate it in a safe manner. So long as you adhere to some basic safety precautions, it’s safe to use the majority times. When you follow the safety guidelines that you must be aware of.

  1. Make use of an ad blocker to block advertisements. Ad-blockers will remove the majority of the ads that appear on websites. However, it is not the only option. do not touch any of the other advertisements if you can. If you’re redirected to a different website be sure to leave as fast as you can. Advertisements are fairly safe so they aren’t touched by them.
  2. Do not use the premium option, whenever possible, since you are able to watch all films online in no-cost mode. If you’ve decided to go with premium mode, you’ll need to pay using an alternative card that has the minimum amount funds required to sign up to the particular package.
  3. Make use of a VPN to keep your identity private which means that even in the event that IYF TV is illegal in your country, nobody can catch those who use it. Also, read the details about 1Movieshd.


If you’re a fan of Chinese movies and dramas and dramas, you’ll find that IYF TV is a good option. We suggest only using the free mode when you are able to afford it, since you don’t need to provide your financial details to the site. When you visit this site, and any counterparts take safety precautions to ensure your safety.


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