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Voice AI – Future of Customer Service by

Customer service is a must to any company, however it can be costly and time-consuming. Customers need quick, accurate personal responses to queries or issues. However, humans are unable to do many things. Many customers make use of voice AI solutions to automatize and enhance customer service. However, not all voice AI products can comprehend natural language, can provide pertinent responses, or adjust to various situations. That’s why can help. The Voice AI platform that understands you is an advanced voice technology platform to help businesses simplify and improve customer service interactions at a large an unprecedented scale. makes use of sophisticated technology such as NLP and deep learning to develop voice AI solutions capable of understanding and speaking to customers with ease and empathetically. from India all over the world established in the year 2016 by Sourabh Gupta, and Akshay Deshraj, set out to develop an voice AI platform capable of understanding the needs of customers and communicating across multiple dialects and languages. They began to focus on India as they saw the huge demand for voice-based services because of diversity and low literacy. The company was named and then launched VIVA which is a voice-based AI platform designed specifically for call centers. is changing the game of customer service with voice AI rapidly gained momentum and recognition for its unique and scalable solutions for voice AI. The company raised $5.1M in its seed round in 2018, and $5.1M in an A Series in 2020. The company also received several awards such as CCW Excellence Awards 2020 Disruptive Technology of the Year, and Gartner Cool Vendor 2021.

Then, in 2021 was rebranded in 2021 as to to show its vision for the world and expanding strategies. It also opened a New York headquarters to tap the US market and to serve its customers more efficiently. The company raised $23 million in an investment round that was led by WestBridge Capital, bringing total financing to $30 million. Your customers provides benefits to companies who want to improve customer service by using AI voice. These are a few:

  • has the ability to develop voice AI solutions to any field and usage case such as insurance, banking and healthcare, online shopping as well as travel and tourism.
  • can tailor Voice AI applications in accordance with business needs and individual preferences, including tone, branding and even the spoken language.
  • will provide answers that are not only relevant and logical however, they are also unique and innovative.
  • can deal with complex and diverse inputs such as requests or commands, feedback emotion, and the use of sarcasm.
  • will learn from its customer comments and enhance its voice AI services as time passes. Future in customer care is more than a voice AI software. It aids businesses to create voice AI solutions that truly understand and satisfying customers with humanlike features. is the next generation in Customer Service.

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