Trendy and Fashionable Types of Leather Jackets for Men & Women


The power and strength that a leather jacket holds is uncanny. Leather jackets have been a staple piece of apparel in both men’s and women’s wardrobe, for more than decades now. These leather jackets are a complete package of style, attitude and elegance. 

Leather jackets were initially introduced back in the early 1900s, and that too only for the fighter pilots, who were supposed to go high up where the temperature was very cold. Gradually, leather jackets became common for people, and today, are the most trending and fashionable piece of outerwear. 

The energy and potential that a leather jacket is equipped with, can transform your casual look into a street-cred instantly. It can make you look like a rebellious and risk taker. Be it winter or summer, a leather jacket is definitely the outwear that you need to have with you, all year round. 

With continuous evolution in our fashion line, today, we have various styles of leather jackets that you can choose from. Every style stands out the other, and makes sure to compliment your personality with its boldness and charm. To explore a wide range of leather jackets in almost every style and color, Blade Runner 2049 Jacket is where you need to be. This online clothing brand has the best of all, so don’t you miss out on it. 

Here, in this article, we will be listing some trendy and fashionable types of leather jackets for men and women. If you don’t have a classy leather jacket yet, then this is where you’ll find one. So, dig in. 

History of leather jackets

Leather jackets were introduced in the 1900s, during World War I. These jackets were issued to the pilots and airmen by the Germans. Later on, the Americans also started to issue leather jackets to their pilots. 

Initially, bomber leather jackets were the only one introduced. Gradually, leather jackets took a big hit off, and soon, different styles such as motorcycle jacket, biker jacket, flight jacket and many more were introduced. 

These leather jackets had the purpose to serve warmth, protection and strength. The jackets were constructed from real animal hides, and thus, were durable and sturdy. 

Types of leather jackets

Since 1900, leather jackets became an essential piece of apparel in both men’s and womenswear. Leather jackets have been at the top of the list of most trending and fashionable outfits, and it doesn’t seem like going downhill anytime soon. 

Leather jackets are most known for their versatility, as these can literally pair up with any kind of outfit. For men, be it a tee and a short, a shirt and a pant or a simple sweater and cargo pant. Similarly, for women, a leather jacket can go with all, be it a maxi dress, a midi dress or a short with a tank top. 

Here, we have some most trendy and fashionable types of leather jackets, for both men and women, that you can grab onto:

  • Bomber leather jacket

Bomber leather jackets were the very first ones introduced, and still today, are the most trending and fashionable ones. Bomber leather jackets are known for their warmth, durability and strength. These jackets are usually constructed from cowhide leather that is durable and sturdy. It has a simple and subtle design, with ribbed or Sherpa collars and a combination of buttons and zippers. 

  • Biker leather jacket

Biker leather jackets are the coolest one in the collection. These jackets are meant to be worn by bikers, who tend to travel through rough and rigid weather. Biker jackets are constructed from durable animal hides, that makes them durable and strong. The thick leather shell of the jacket makes sure to keep you protected from cold winds, rain and dust. In case of any accident, the leather outer shell ensures to protect bikers from bruises and scratches. 

  • Moto leather jacket

Moto leather jackets are basically a stylish version of biker jackets. These jackets are also constructed from durable animal hides, but are styled with fancy embellishments for a modern look. The thick leather used as an external shell offers protection from scratches, bruises, winds and dust. Moto leather jackets are also paired up with additional padding that adds extra warmth and comfort to the apparel. 

  • Flight leather jacket

Flight leather jackets were introduced in 1917 for the United States Army, with the purpose to serve warmth and elegance to the armed pilots. These jackets feature a simple and smooth design that fits straight and doesn’t taper at the waist or wrists. The zipper down closure at the front with lapel collar and fitted sleeves offer a traditional fit. Flight jackets are usually constructed from sheepskin with shearling lining, which adds additional warmth to the apparel. 

  • Café racer leather jacket

Café racer jackets are most popular amongst racers and bikers. These jackets are made up from genuine animal hides that offer to protect road abrasion with a classic fit. Café racer leather jackets feature buttoned collars with zippered closure, long sleeves with zippered cuffs and functional pockets. 


We believe that the above-mentioned trendy and fashionable types of leather jackets for men and women are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Choose the one that makes your heart skip a beat, pair it up with your outfit and look amazing for the day! Look good, and feel good!


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