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Are you trying to access Instagram stories in secret? If yes, you should give Dumpor Instagram Video Viewer’ a test! Instagram is a well-known platform for marketing on social media. It is only able to access certain types of content when you don’t already have an account. Users will be asked to sign in or sign up after a short period.

Some individuals prefer to remain anonymous and to be able access other accounts’ contents without having to sign in. Nobody will know that they’re viewing other accounts. Dumpor is an excellent source for connecting to other account on Instagram.

Dumpor- The Secret Instagram Stories Viewer

What exactly is Dumpor specifically?

Dumper is an unidentified Instagram Story viewer. it allows users to see all stories which have been deleted off their Instagram accounts. This tool can be helpful to those who want to know the stories that were removed by the user.

Dumper can be found on two sites including the web site and its app store. It is no cost and doesn’t require any form of confirmation.

Dumpor’s working process

Dumper is a program that lets you read Instagram stories and summary of the stories.

It makes it easier to go through the process of going through long Instagram Stories and is entirely free.

  • Dumper starts by going through the entire story, after that, he collects all the pictures. The machine-learning algorithm analyzes these images.
  • It retrieves information about location, hashtags, as well as those who have shared or liked the content.
  • Dumper takes the information, and then develops an overview of the entire story.

The summary contains an explanation of the incident, crucial quotes from the story as well as important details about the people photographs.

  • It is additionally available an Chrome extension that can be added as an add-on.
  • Dumpor is also a great tool to utilize Dumpor for reading stories using iOS as well as Android devices.

Dumpor app log in process

  1. Dumpor requires you to download the app using Google Play, the App Store as well as Google Play.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it , then click “view anonymous stories” and then tap “View anonymous stories”

3. Then, you will be able to view the entire Instagram Stories that are private. Instagram Stories.

4. There’s all the details about the story and the title of the poster, as well as an image of the poster’s profile.

5. Clicking on a story’s name will take you to the story’s page.

6. It’s simple to use and contains all the details you require about the story.

The most important characteristic of Dumpor

Let’s examine the most important elements that make up the Dumpor.

Anonymous Instagram stories view the first feature that Dumper’s the most basic service that users utilize.

  • Dumpor can also download Instagram videos. Instagram. Official Instagram isn’t yet able to download these videos.
  • You may also go to other Instagram accounts of people who are in secret, and look at their sway by Dumpor.
  • Dumpor offers an intuitive interface. It’s not difficult to make use of Dumpor.
  • Dumpor can quickly analyse your Instagram account and quickly analyze it.
  • It lets you find what you are looking for by using hashtags.

Alternates to the dumpor app

There are many options for users who want to use the anonyme Instagram Viewer of Stories. These options were announced recently. While they aren’t ideal, are far superior to what is currently available.

4k Stogram

4K Stogram allows you to download Instagram photos, stories, and videos. You will need to duplicate the username for every Instagram account in order to download images and videos.


Picxwox might be a viable alternative for you to delete. This driver allows you to view at and download photos as well as stories the way you want. It is regarded as to be the most effective Instagram anonymity app to make use of in 2022.


InstaDump could be an extension for your browser that allows users to browse anonymous Instagram Stories without the need to sign in or using another app. In addition, it lets users save stories and look up specific stories.


Installers are the best choice for Dumper. It allows users browse other Instagram stories, without disclosing their identity. It is among the most useful apps that you can install to access stories and posts immediately.


InstaStories allows you to review and browse Instagram posts without revealing your identity. After you have logged into the tool you can enter your username in the box for searching. Click on “Search” and select the icon. The result will be displayed.

Izoom you

izoomYou allows users to increase the size of users to enlarge their Instagram profile pictures. The app lets you browse, download and browse Instagram profiles posts, stories, and stories and pictures on Instagram on your mobile devices.


Dumpor Instagram tools let you look up public Instagram accounts’ stories and articles using any browser on the internet. You can browse their profiles, including their followers, their accounts, as well as blog posts.

You can also browse all of their articles or stories to read them even after they have been deleted within 24 hours. This tool is not available for accounts with exclusive access. It will be possible to view the account, however, posts, stories, and other information will be removed.


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