Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral: Father Details

Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral
Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral

Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral: As you know, if you are famous, then your relatives like son, daughter, parents, wife and husband will be famous. Here we are talking about Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral, the son of the famous Mexican actor Eduardo Santamarina. And almost everyone in the world and Mexicans know about the famous actor.

Not only is his father an actor, but his mother, Itati Cantoral, is also a famous television actress, and she has a good name in Mexico. His father is a famous actor, especially in television programs, and many web series are popular around the world. However, their son has also become a famous personality in the world due to the spread of his father and mother.

Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral Years

Roberto Miguel Santamarina is 2001, and now he is 21 years young. No one knows the exact date of birth of Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral but according to his father, he is about 21 years old now. His father, Eduardo Cantoral, was born on July 9, 1968, and now, in 2022, he is about 54 years old. But he seems young and he is an actor; known throughout Mexico.

Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral situation

The physical condition of each person depends on the climate of his country and, as you know, many Mexicans are healthy and tall. Therefore, Roberto Miguel Santamarina is also a handsome and tall boy like his father. His eyes are brown, and he has black hair. His father, Eduardo Cantoral is tall, 6.3 inches tall, while his father weighs 89 kilograms.

Information about the father

Father Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral is from Veracruz, Mexico. However, we don’t have any details about their family from Eduardo because he was not famous in his childhood. But when he became an actor, he became famous in Mexico. However, from Eduardo, there are no such documents or interviews about his family. However, when we get information about their family from Eduardo, we will share it with you.

Net Worth of the father

As you know, it is grown that has not yet started to earn. However, he pays his father, Eduardo Cantoral, so here we will mention his father’s net worth. As you know, his father is an actor, and because of that, they live a modest life; His father’s net worth is around $3-5 million. His father’s main source of income is acting in sports, movies, and TV shows. It is clear that if you want to become something, you have to work hard for it. Therefore, before becoming an actor, he trained at the Centro de Education Arista in Mexico, and his father’s training period was from 1989 to 1991. In 1992 he made his debut in the television series. She gained popularity due to her best role in the television series Rubi and Marisol.

Brothers and sisters

It is God’s gift to some people to be able to give birth to twins at the same time. And here is a story about the parents of Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral as they were born twins. The other son’s name is José Eduardo Santamarina Cantoral. As you know, sometimes it is possible to have twins, but the parents of Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral did, but now they are only two brothers.

Parent details

The parents of (RMCS) are Eduardo Cantoral and Itati Cantoral. Both are famous actors from Mexico, and unfortunately they live separately today. They got married in 2000, but in 2003, they started living apart from each other.

In 2001 Itati Cantoral gave birth to twins Roberto Miguel Santamarina Cantoral and Jose Eduardo Cantoral. Eduardo began living with porn star Susana Gonzalez, but the relationship between them ended in 2007.


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