Regi Green: Net Worth, Bio, Work


Regi Green is an American entertainer, notable for acting in Boyz N the Hood (1991) and AfterMash (1993). Regi born in Richmond, California, United States, and his definite date of birth is obscure. He was one of the most gifted and dedicated entertainers of the 90s due to his enthusiasm for acting.

Regi Green Personal Info

Regi Green is impeded, his level is around 5 feet, and his weight is over 54 kg. Regi’s ethnicity is American, and his introduction to the world sign is Scorpio. He is of dark nationality and has dark hair, and his eye tone is likewise dark.

Early Life of Regi Green

Regi Green was brought into the world in Richmond, California, grew up there, and finished his initial training. Regi has not finished his graduation since he was not intrigued by his examinations.

Regi was enthusiastic about acting from youth and needed to be an entertainer. He was striving to turn into an entertainer, yet he was deadened and lost the desire for turning into an entertainer. Around then, Regi was in a tough spot. He lost trust that how he could turn into an entertainer.

Before long Regi understood that his deadening couldn’t turn into a stone in his acting vocation. He really buckled down, lastly, he got a job in the TV series Diff’rent Strokes in 1984, through which his acting vocation started.

Regi Green Paralyzation

Here is the data about Regi Green’s deadening. Regi was strolling from his road, a battle was happening there, and he got found out in this battle. A wanderer slug hit him, as a result of which he became deadened from his west for all time.

Regi Green Work

Regi began his work as an entertainer through his most memorable TV series Diff’rent Strokes, in 1984. Regi worked in numerous TV series and films, and here is the rundown of his work.

  • Regi assumed the part of Stuart Thompson in Diff’rent Strokes (1984).
  • Regi assumed the part of Reggie in AfterMash (1984).
  • Regi assumed the part of Steve Terry in Highway to Heaven (1985).
  • Regi assumed the part of Veteran in A Winner Never Quits (1986).
  • Regi assumed the part of Reggie in What’s Happening Now! (1988).
  • Regi assumed the part of Chris in Boyz N the Hood (1991).

Regi Green Net Worth

Regi is an entertainer, and it is the main wellspring of her pay. Regi’s total assets is roughly $400k or round above, which is a lot of cash for joyfully living.

A few Facts About Regi Green

Here are a few realities about Regi Green.

  • Regi is quite possibly of the most renowned incapacitated entertainer.
  • Regi’s identity is American, his introduction to the world sign is Scorpio, his level is over 5 feet, and his weight is around 54 kg.
  • Regi Worked on four TV series and two motion pictures.
  • Regi’s total assets is around $400k.
  • Regi acquired popularity for his work in Boyz N the Hood film in 1991.


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