Opera GX Cool Features That Can Never Be Missed


It is likely that you’ve got a favorite browser because of a specific reason. It may be that it works well with the applications you utilize, or it offers features that you won’t find elsewhere.

If you are a fan of engaging in PC games, you may be interested in knowing that Opera is now offering a web browser that is specifically designed for gamers. The name of the browser is Opera GX, and the following are some of the Opera GX features all gamers will appreciate.

Stay Informed With GX Corner

It can be difficult to keep track of game news, releases and promotions can be a challenge. This is why Opera GX offers GX Corner, a GX Corner page that gathers all the information in one convenient location.

If you click on it in it’s sidebar. You’ll be presented with an array of information. There’s a calendar of releases on the top, with new games coming out, and an inventory of games being featured in recent news reports. Below that is a section of discounts in PC games, and stories about the gaming world technology, tech, and other related topics.

On at the very top, users are able to choose a platform (such such as WindowsXbox as well as Switch) to show only games that are compatible with that system. You can also block certain areas or systems by clicking an icon in the upper-right corner. Gear symbol at the upper right-hand corner.

A Slick Look and Customization Options

In contrast to the plain and simple appearance of the majority of web browsers Opera GX is designed to attract gamers. The icons are futuristic and the menus too have a modern look to them. If you’re a fan of design it’s something you should consider.

In case you’d like to have your browser be able to match the lighting theme you have created on your computer, Opera GX gives you the option of doing so. Hit the Easy set-up button at the top right of the browser. It appears like a series of sliders. Take an overview.

You can select a theme color for the browser, select from a collection of space-inspired wallpapers, switch the animation style used for menus, and much more. In case you’re looking to add further customization then select on the Settings option on the left sidebar for access to the settings for your browser.

Certain parts within the Settings menu may appear familiar if you’ve previously used Google Chrome, and even more familiar if you’ve previously used the primary Opera browser (more about that in the near future).

Video Pop-Out Controls

Opera GX lets you pop out YouTube and Twitch videos, which means you can enjoy the videos while doing other things. To utilize this feature, just open the video on either platform and move your mouse to at the very top of your player. There will be an icon that slides across the top.

When you click this, it will open the video within a new window that is able to be moved around and open when you’re browsing through other tabs. Drag it along either edge to increase or decrease the size, then click the button in the upper-right area to end it after you’re finished.

In the near future, Opera GX also plans to add an “video over game” feature. This feature will let you play videos, tutorials, streams, or other video content while playing the game. If you are stuck This is a good method of getting assistance without switching between different windows repeatedly.

Twitch Integration

If you’re a big fan of Twitch you’ll appreciate the fact that Opera GX makes it easy to follow your favorite channels right from the sidebar of your browser. Just sign in with your Twitch account and you’ll be able follow who’s online and receive notifications when someone begins streaming.

It’s not a huge benefit, however, it prevents you from opening the Twitch website on a regular basis. It’s handy to have it on the side when you’re working on other things can make it easier, as well.

To sign up, click on the Twitch logo on the sidebar, and then log in with your Twitch account.

Messenger Apps in Your Sidebar

If you are chatting with your acquaintances via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram You can use these apps in Opera GX’s Opera GX sidebar. Just enable them in the menu, as we previously discussed, and then log in to your accounts.

When you launch one of these sidebar applications check out the top bar to see some useful features. Click to pin so that the window of chat is open for all time, in addition to whatever else you’re browsing in the browser. Use the three-dot menu button on the top to turn off the messenger’s service, too.

It is likely that you utilize Discord to stay in touch with your gaming pals however, if you are aware of anyone who is a straggler on other platforms this integration allows you to keep them all in. Together with resource limits that allows you to use all of them at once and avoid each app from using more resources than it actually needs.

Plus Everything Else Opera Offers

In essence, Opera GX is the primary Opera browser, with additional gaming-related features. If you’ve not used Opera GX before, you may not be aware of the top Opera features that can be discovered in.

For example, Opera has a basic built-in VPN to safeguard your privacy. You can also make use of its mouse gestures to navigate quickly using your wrist. Additionally, Opera works with Chrome extensions, meaning you can import all your favorite apps through Google’s Chrome Web Store.

If you’ve been looking for a better web browser, these features may make Opera the new go-to for all purposes — gaming as well as non-gaming.

Built-In Resource Controls

Everybody knows it’s true that Google Chrome prefers to utilize lots of memory and processor. If you’re playing in progress, you shouldn’t to use up resources that might otherwise help you play. In reality, you’ll need to open your browser for a guide video chat, video chat with others, or other similar.

That’s the reason why Opera GX offers GX Control. This feature allows you to restrict the amount of memory, bandwidth and CPU your browser is able to use. If you’re playing on an unpowered system and wish to make the most of your hardware or simply need your browser to remain away from your system whenever possible This is a great feature.

To open it, simply click to open it, click the GX Control icon in the left sidebar. It appears to be the speedometer. When it’s opened you’ll be able to monitor the current usage of resources and set limits as required.

If you don’t see this icon you’ll have to click the 3 dots menu button on the lower left of the sidebar, and ensure that the GX control is selected. Opera GX lets you customize the sidebar to suit your preferences and you might need to activate other options described in this article by following the same procedure.


Opera is already an excellent browser, but Opera GX adds some excellent features that gamers will appreciate. Give it a go and decide if it’s ideal choice for gaming on your PC.

As of the date of this article, Opera GX is still in its early access. Since it is still developing and being developed, its team would like to hear from you about how it’s been working. If you’re satisfied with the features you’ve seen then why not try Opera GX a try and let your voice be heard. In doing this you may make the final product more impressive.


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