Movo WMX-2 Duo review – $200 Wireless Mic Kit

Movo WMX-2 Duo review - $200 Wireless Mic Kit
Movo WMX-2 Duo review - $200 Wireless Mic Kit

Movo WMX-2 Duo remote mic framework for content makers leaps out of the crate with all that you’ll have to record fantastic sound, whether you’re utilizing a DSLR, mirrorless, or cell phone camera.

I was stunned by the amount Movo stuffed into this small white and green box. From each association link you might at any point require, to a bunch of favorable to even out lavalier (lav) mics, and a charging case that broadens the framework’s battery duration. In the event that you’re a substance maker searching for a reasonable across the board arrangement, the Movo WMX-2 Duo might be ideally suited for you.

Movo WMX-2 Duo Software

The Movo WMX-2 Duo is totally attachment and-play. That implies it doesn’t need any downloads or exclusive programming to work. It played pleasantly with my recording programming across all gadgets I utilized it on.

Movo WMX-2 Duo battery duration

The Movo WMX-2 Duo’s beneficiary and transmitter units are evaluated for seven hours of battery duration, and with two full re-energizes with the charging case, you’re checking out at 21 hours of purpose. That is an entire day of content creation and the sky is the limit from there. I just needed to re-energize the framework once. I involved the WMX-2 for nine hours the principal day and re-energized the framework during my lunch break. Something to remember is that assuming you’re similar to most happy makers, you’re returning the gadgets to the charging case between takes or while moving to another area. So they will stay charged over the course of the day with no genuine exertion.

The charging case has a 3,000mAh limit battery and requires around four hours to completely re-energize when connected to a PC or 2 hours when connected to a wall charger. I found it re-energized quicker when I utilized a quick charging gadget like Anker’s Nano II USB-C charger. It arrived at a full charge in around 2 hours when that’s what I did. Likewise, my Chargeasap Streak Star has a quick charging choice and charged the case completely in no less than two hours, further extending how long I could record sound while shooting. Bravo on battery duration, Movo, ya accomplished something useful, kids.

Movo WMX-2 Duo valuing and accessibility

The Movo WMX-2 Duo costs $199.95 and accompanies two transmitters, one beneficiary, the hard plastic charging case, association links, and a bunch of lav mics that permit you to interface with a PC, camera, or cell phone. From the second you open the crate, you can associate with pretty much anything and begin shooting your substance while keep some strong fine sound in one or the other sound system or mono.

Solitary individuals searching for a solitary arrangement can catch one for $149.95.

In the event that you’re on a strict financial plan and just need a solitary remote mic arrangement, the $99 Razer Seiren BT might be a superior decision for you. On the off chance that you have a greater financial plan and need a more superior arrangement, you ought to investigate the Rode Remote Go II(opens in new tab) for $299 or the DJI Mic for $329.

Movo WMX-2 Duo Design

The Movo WMX-2 Duo comprises of a Duo of transmitters and collectors. True to form they’re really genuine, made of dim hard plastic. They’re almost indistinguishable in plan except for the white textual style TX lettering for transmitter or RX for recipient. On the right half of every unit we see as the Back, Set and, Quiet fastens.

At the highest point of the two transmitters, there’s an inherent omnidirectional mouthpiece and a 3.5 mm jack to interface a lav receiver. Along the left, there’s a USB-C port for charging. On the back is an implicit belt cut and charging contacts for while they’re charging for the situation.

To the extent that the recipient, at the top there are two 3.5mm jacks: one for sound result and the other for earphones to screen your sound. On the left half of the unit, there’s the USB-C jack, while around the back is a similar belt cut and charging contacts as.

The all-dark charging case is strong, yet the plastic shell isn’t as unbending or as consoling strong as the charging instance of the DJI Mic. It’s likewise bigger and somewhat burdensome, yet it functions admirably. At the point when the WMX-2 Duo units are for the situation, it closes with a fantastic snap and returns with a firm button push. The power button and Drove lights sit on the right half of the charging case which show power staying for the situation, and whether the remote mic framework is charging. Likewise included are a Duo of windscreens that interface straightforwardly to every unit’s inherent mouthpieces.

I like the general plan of the Movo WMX-2 Duo remote mic framework, and the form nature of the recipient and transmitter units is strong. In any case, while you get the DJI Mic, the general plan resembles contrasting a Hyundai with a Mercedes. Hyundai makes extraordinary vehicles, yet they’re not a Mercedes. In any case, give me a trustworthy Hyundai any day since it will take care of business reliably with practically zero quarrel, and that’s what I love. Be that as it may, both the Rode Remote Go II and DJI Mic accompany worked away and can record supportive of level sound all alone.

Movo WMX-2 Duo arrangement and controls

The UI is so spotless and simple to utilize that I became fascinated with it because of its straightforwardness. Of course, I love the touch screens on the Rode Remote GO II and DJI Mic, however there is something particularly valuable about basic things that work, yet function admirably like the WMX-2 Duo. When you understand that the quiet button is likewise the power button on the WMX-Duo beneficiary you’re making tracks.

I, nonetheless, at first didn’t look and erratically pressed buttons till I saw the decorated image and pushed down on it and held it for three seconds. When turned on, the non-contact LCD screen illuminates in an exquisite blue that is splendid and clear.

On the screen, while utilizing either the Back, Set, or Quiet fastens, you can rapidly change your settings. You can raise or lower the increase, pick sound system or mono recording, or quiet the framework completely while pausing for a minute to reset.

Movo WMX-2 Duo sound quality

From my patio to the roads of Brooklyn, the Movo WMX-2 Duo remote mic framework demonstrated capable in each circumstance and condition. I tried the underlying mics with and without the included windscreens and the included lavalier amplifiers.

I stood 50 feet from my camera and the beneficiary in my lawn and recorded a short video utilizing the underlying mics cut to my Shirt. They made a pleasant showing of secluding my vocals and making a reasonable, clean recording. Then, at that point, the breeze got, which was the ideal chance to evaluate the windscreens and they delivered the ideal result. I recorded some more as they were battered by the breezy components.. I additionally strolled around the bustling Park Slant Brooklyn roads and was satisfied with the sound quality with an OK measure of New York City foundation clamor.

Before, Movo’s lav mics were fair, best case scenario, yet they’ve worked on an incredible arrangement, and they truly had an effect. My experimental outcomes were very near the quality I got from both the Rode Remote Go II and the DJI Mic while utilizing the equivalent Rode lav mics.

Movo procures significant focuses for estimating this unit reachable for those on a careful spending plan, yet additionally for the nature of the general pack. The lav mics worked really hard catching every one of the various tones and emphases of my voice and zeroed in on my vocals while limiting foundation commotion. Indeed, we know 2.4-GHz mics won’t provide you with the scope of DJI or Rode, however 328 feet isn’t decrepit, and it’s intriguing that you’re ever that distant from your subjects.


The Movo WMX-2 Duo is a reasonable make it happen remote mic pack you can grab up for under $200 and record proficient level sound while shooting content for your fans, companions, and allies. With its multi-stage ability, you truly make out really well.

At the point when you toss in the charging case and battery duration, the main thing holding the Movo WMX-2 Duo back from matching either the Rode Remote Go II or DJI Mic is the absence of underlying stockpiling. Likewise, the underlying omnidirectional mics aren’t as great, yet they’re close sufficient when absolutely necessary, andyou can expect favorable to even out accounts with the included lav mics. Generally, the Movo WMX-2 Duo is one of the top remote mic frameworks you can purchase.


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