Marika_Pfanner: Marika Pfanner Wiki, Age, Net Worth


Marika_Pfanner is the champ of Miss intercontinental 2015. Marika Pfanner has incredible fan followings and she is viewed as one of the most effective and unmistakable victors of every Intercontinental season.

About Marika Pfanner

The forty-fourth version of Miss Intercontinental was held on December 18′ 2015 at the Grand Ballroom of the Maritim Congress Hotel, Magdeburg, Germany. During the occasion of the exhibition, in excess of 60 competitors from various nations and independent domains competed for the esteemed title of the worldwide excellence expo.

Magdeburg, East Germany is eager to welcome and host the worldwide event for the subsequent time. This year, the Miss Intercontinental Pageant will be circulated again from the Maritim Hall at the Maritim Hotel in the “Meeting City Magdeburg”. The Conference Office of the Magdeburg Marketing GmbH is committed to advancing the capital city of Saxony-Anhalt as an excellent gathering and meeting scene.

With 1200 years of rich and beautiful history, Magdeburg is perhaps of the most seasoned city in previous East Germany. The Miss Intercontinental crown is named Oriental Holy Water and is worth 3,000,000 yuan (approx. 360,000 US dollars). The plan was propelled by water, the wellspring of life, addressing the normal excellence and immaculateness of ladies. The plan implies strength and power and remembers the lady of magnificence for the focal point of the crown The crown stays in the WBO Office and is utilized exclusively for the delegated of each new Miss Intercontinental.

Bremen, Germany. 08th Dec 2015. Marika Pfanner of Austria has gone after the ‘Intercontinental 2015’ title on 18 December, presents at the inn pool in Bremen, Germany, 08 December 2015. Ladies from 64 nations and five landmasses will partake in the magnificence challenge.


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