Learn Some Basic Ideas for Slim Fit Chinos and Blazers

Pima cotton tee shirts

Most “chino pants” are made of “chino cloth,” which is either 100 percent cotton twill or a mix of cotton and synthetic fibers.

People know that the pants were originally made for the US army when the Spanish-American war was going on. People now wear slim-fit chinos in casual, formal, or semi-casual settings because they are so versatile. Blazers and chino pants have a great combination. 

The guide will provide you with some basic ideas to make the appeal extraordinary. You can also go through a bit of other information that may help you out! 

How to Define Chinos Appearance

Remember that blazers are more formal than sports coats, so the chinos you choose should show that.

This kind of blazer, which is usually more “formal” because it doesn’t have any patterns and has a smooth texture, would go better with a more “formal” pair of chinos. 

Basically, chinos are more formal as they look more like dress pants than jeans. 

How Chinos are Formal 

Center Fold: A fold down in the middle of each leg is usually a more formal detail. 

Welted pockets: Pockets with welts are also a formal detail. On the other hand, patch pockets are less formal.

Seam details: Formal chinos have fewer seams on the inner legs.

Though these chino details aren’t necessary when wearing a blazer, it does help when the pants are as formal as the jacket.

Undoubtedly, your slim-fit chino pants fall more on the side of formals. However, they fit perfectly with a casual and semi-casual look. So, don’t stress up if you want to go beyond formal looks. 

Things to Keep in Mind when Blazers and Chinos are Paired

Blazers are suitable for all seasons, but when the summer is coming to an end and the nights will get cooler, they are more good. You can wear a blazer over almost all styles of Pima cotton tee shirts.

The post has put together some of the unusual ways to wear chinos and blazers.

➤The Classic – Navy, and Beige

You can choose to wear a navy blue blazer with beige slim-fit chinos, which is a more classic look. You can also change the colors and wear a beige blazer with navy blue chinos. For a stand out look, wear a white dress-shirt underneath the blazer. To elevate more style, add a tie or a pocket square; even both.

➤Pick up Earth Tones Combination

Keep up with the latest fashion by mixing “earth tones” like beige, khaki, green, and white. These color combinations can be used in both Spring and Summer.

Pair one of your beige blazers with a pair of beige chinos. Instead of pairing beige with blue, try matching different shades of beige.

➤Tweed Blazers and Chinos 

If you don’t want to wear a blazer and jeans, you can “build it up” by wearing a Tweed blazer and chinos. This look is casual and trendy, and it’s great for people who want to wear something different than what everyone else is wearing.

➤Experiment with Different Blue Tones

Summertime is almost everyone’s favorite! It’s the time to show your versatile fashion. When coming to blue tones, remember that your blazer and chinos should be different shades of blue. Try out the lighter blue blazers with the navy blue chinos. 

➤Gray Blazers Can be a Killer 

Even though navy blue is the most common color for blazers, you can also get modern hybrid jackets in black, gray, and other colors. But staying with a neutral, subdued color like charcoal gray gives you a lot of options. Gray blazers look great with navy blue, beige, khaki, black, and olive green slim-fit chinos.

These are some specific ideas that you can follow for a number of years and keep your look trendy & outstanding!


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