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KB5023008: Windows 11 build 22623.1250

Microsoft has begun rolling out Windows 11 build 22623.1250 (KB5023008) featuring new features that are activated as default, and the version for preview 22621.1250 (KB5023008) which includes options disabled on default for devices that are enrolled into the Beta Channel.

22623.1250 and 22623.1250 along with 22621.1250 are available for Windows 11, according to the officially announced changes just introduce the new policy of customizing appearance of the Search box on the Taskbar as well as the build 22623.1250 comes with a variety of improvements and fixes.

Fixes and changes for the build 22623.1250 KB5023008 
Fixes and changes for the build 22623.1250 KB5023008

The fixes are specifically for version 22623.1250:

Taskbar & Search

  • Entering “F” in the search box will work now.
  • Corrected an issue in which the Narrator didn’t read certain text dialogues.
  • Moving the window by using the search area will function right now (like other sections in that title bar).
  • If you type in a search, and then click the down arrow on your keyboard, will now shift focus away from the search box to the result.
  • Fixing an issue that meant the end of processes on the Details tab didn’t show an acknowledgement dialog.
  • The increase in text size shouldn’t cause an “see more” button appearing but with no content.
  • Correction of an issue in which focus may not properly set for search. This led to the Narrator not stating focus was set on that search field.
  • If you’ve got a different theme, and you choose any row on the “Processes page”, that row will now indicate that it’s chosen.
  • Fixes an issue in which the search bar would random disappear after you click it (leaving an empty space on the bar of your task).
  • Correction of an issue in which the search box would shift towards the left as you clicked.
  • If your taskbar is that is auto-hide, and you hit the Windows button and begin typing, your taskbar will stop unexpectedly hiding.
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Corrections and changes for builds 22623.1250 KB5023008 and 22621.1250

In both versions there are the following enhancements:

Build for installation 22623.1250 KB5023008

To install and download Windows 11 build 22623.1250, join your device to the Beta Channel by using your “Windows Insider Program” settings under”Update and Security. “Update & Security” section.

When you’ve enrolled the PC into the program, it can download version 22623.1250 in the “Windows Update” settings by selecting the “Check for Updates button. But, you’ll need an operating system that is in line with the basic specifications for the system for receiving the update in case you’re newly enrolled in Windows Insider Program. Windows Insider Program. If your device has received version 22621.1250 it is possible to go back and check for updates in order to download the build 22623.1250.



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