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KB5022363: Windows 11 build 22623.1180 Updates

Microsoft releases Windows 11 build 22623.1180 (KB5022363) featuring new features that are activated on default. The beta version 22621.1180 (KB5022363) that includes options disabled on computers that are on Beta Channel. beta channel.

Version 22623.1180 to Windows 11, according to the changelog it introduces a new version of the Accounts page, which now displays the warning about storage usage once you’ve reached the OneDrive subscription limit and provides further details about how your storage will be used. In addition, on the fly this version, the Widgets dashboard will no longer require registration requirements, making the content of the feature accessible for everyone.

Additionally, as well as enhancements and fixes, Microsoft is rolling out an update to the “Get Help” app with instruments to help fix and troubleshoot issues with networks. It will take over the previous “Network troubleshooter.”

Windows 11 build 22623.1180 and 22621.1180

Beginning with this flight, Windows 11 update on the “Accounts” settings section with visually appealing elements. They display an indication of the amount of storage used when you hit the limit of your OneDrive subscription limit, as well as providing specifics about how storage is used and includes Outlook attachments.

Windows 11 Accounts settings

In addition is the Widgets dashboard has received an update which removes the need to sign-in for everyone to gain access to Widgets’ features. (If the Widgets dashboard isn’t your thing take the following guidelines to disable the feature completely.)

Fixes and changes for the build 22623.1180 KB5022363

This is the fix that are specific to the build 22623.1180:

Taskbar & System Tray

  • Corrected an issue in which right-clicking on some icons on the hidden icon flyout caused the flyout to close rather than opening the context menu associated with this icon.
  • Corrected an explorer.exe crash that can occur in the process of loading certain icons from apps.
  • Task view will no longer appear in the background of the taskbar if you use tablets-optimized taskbar options.
  • A bug was corrected which prevented taskbars from showing when in Safe Mode in the new search box.

Task Manager

  • If it is the case that Task Manager window size is too small, and the search field shrinks into an icon clicking on the icon will show an informational tooltip.
  • There were a couple of issues fixed with the way labels and icons were displayed when the contrast mode is turned on.

Other solutions

  • Corrected an issue in which Braille devices incorrectly stated that there was no screen with the most recent Version of Braille.

Build install 22623.1180

If you are planning to download and install Windows 11 build 22623.1180, it is necessary to register your device into the Beta Channel through your “Windows Insider Program” settings under”Update & Security” section “Update & Security” section.

After you have enrolled your computer within the program, you can download version 22623.1180 in the “Windows Update” settings by selecting the “Check for Updates” button.

But, you’ll need an operating system that is in line with the basic specifications for the system to be able to download the update when you’re first entering this program. Windows Insider Program. If your device is receiving version 22621.1180 KB5022363 then you should go back and check for updates in order to download the build 22623.1180.

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