Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin – Jared Fogle Wife


Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin is the ex of past Subway agent Jared Fogle.

Who is Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin

Jared appeared in the association publicizing endeavors from 2005 to 2015. Probably, he needed to get in shape through his Subway wellbeing improvement plan for his impending wedding. Following his reputation, he got featured in excess of 300 promotions during his 15 years with Subway, nearby various media appearances.

Getting back to Kathleen, she is a teacher. Who Is Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin? Jared Fogle Wife Now Kathleen Marie McLaughlin is the past companion of Jared Fogle.

She is an educator by calling. The couple got busy with November 2009 and got hitched practically a year sometime later in August 2010.

According to the source, Fogle’s as of now ex Kathleen McLaughlin looked for legitimate detachment rapidly following the news that Fogle agreed to admit to a couple of counts of course and receipt of youth suggestive diversion. Their partition was gotten comfortable November 2015, consenting to pay his now ex $7 million.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin Age

Kathleen Mclaughlin Age Kathleen Mclaughlin’s age at the present is logical 40-45 years old, considering her photographs.

Her exact age and birth date have not yet been uncovered to general society. It is acknowledged that there isn’t much mature enough difference among Kathleen and her past companion, Jared. He is correct now at 44 years of age years old as he was brought into the world in 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana, US.

Further, his birthday falls reliably on August 23. Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin Children Kathleen McLaughlin bestows two children to her past life partner Jared Fogle.

She is a mother of a kid and a young lady. Moreover, her kid Brady was brought into the world in 2011, and her young lady, Quinn was brought into the world in 2013.

Not much is known about them at this moment. Evidently she jumps at the chance to stay quiet and has decided not to reveal her own information to the media.

Is Kathleen Mclaughlin On Instagram? Kathleen Mclaughlin doesn’t give off an impression of being dynamic on Instagram.


On Instagram as well as she doesn’t give off an impression of being dynamic on any web-based media stages. Likewise, her past life partner is furthermore not dynamic on Instagram.


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