Saturday, September 23, 2023

IPhone, Google Chrome Now Supports Shortcuts

Shortcuts can be now accessed via your homescreen of iPhone users with Google Chrome, offering a easy way to open the Shortcuts application.

A fantastic innovation that was introduced to Google Chrome for iOS and iPadOS in the latest version, which is the option to save sites as shortcuts for your home screen using Google’s Chrome browser.

The latest release of iOS 16.4 from Apple has revealed that several notable changes have been made WebKit and its capability of support for web-based apps in the most recent version of the iOS 16.4.

In the most recent update, users are now able to take advantage of improved push notifications, as well as the option to create shortcuts for their home screens to the apps they prefer from your homescreen.

The most recent Google Chrome update makes it possible to iOS users to include their preferred apps on their home screens as revealed by Treads the Instagram application created with Chris Messina.

As part of the exciting updated version, shortcuts for web apps and push notifications are also included, allowing a smooth navigation experience across the web.

Apple is rolling out these new features to users in the whole Apple ecosystem The Beta release of Google Chrome macOS Sonoma is making it possible for users to make shortcuts for web applications so that they are able to connect to them within the operating system’s own interface.

Apart from the advances which were discussed previously in the past, Google’s iOS platform is also receiving a number of important updates in the last month. These add to those mentioned previously.

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Additionally, in addition to having the ability to view items like Google Chrome Lens, users are able to create events in their calendars with ease, thanks to using their phone’s camera.

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