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iFunTV: Best Chinese Video Content Website

The iFuntv channel, as the name implies is a television broadcast service created by Chinese firms specifically for Chinese foreigners and allowing them to watch Chinese television shows on the internet, just like different platforms i.e., Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. The iFunTV web site offers its users an array of shows for entertainment such as reality TV, dramas films, action short stories, films and videos from the diverse Chinese media creator community.

It was a fantastic streaming platform online that was a great option that was a great choice for the Chinese world-wide community. The iFuntv service was launched in the year 2019, under its Domain domain name The group that runs iFunTV has launched a cross-platform internet application, such as the android application for iFuntv as well as the iFunTV iOS application, and a the desktop application for its wider population. This article will provide particulars about the iFuntv app and the background of the app iFun TV developed for the Chinese world-wide community.

What exactly is iFunTV?

The iFunTV is an Internet company, was created by foreign Chinese and offered services to foreign Chinese,

The IFun TV is so large that it’s compatible with every platform and functions good on Windows Desktops, iOS, MACs as well as Android mobile operating systems. Its interface design is user-friendly convenient, easy, and straightforward to navigate. It makes use of the most recent advanced technologies to provide users with an ultra-high definition and seamless video experiences A large library of videos that can hold two PB or more, which covers 15,000+ movies from the US, European and American blockbusters and TV shows that are popular and popular variety programs and new animations. A professional update team that is available 7*24 all day for the fastest updates for the entire network.

Transitions in the iFun TV app

A leader within the global video industry the company will dedicate itself to setting industry standards as well as leading the overall video market and overall style of the Omni-media Era.

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There have been many changes within the renowned Chinese web-based television platforms. Recently it was reported that the iFunTV web platform went down as their site displayed the warning “This site is Closed” website. After that, was replaced by with the iFun TV app with similar accessibility to the content. This is a fully functional platform that is accessible to the Chinese population across the world.

What iFunTv / iyf.TV Offers?

As with other online video content platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney, and Chrome Cast The iFunTV is similar to the other platforms. iyf.TV is a web-based Chinese video web app specifically designed for Chinese people. Chinese who reside in either the US, Europe, or in the middle east. There is a wide selection of programming via the iFunTV application, including Latest Chinese Movies, TV Dramas as well as Shows, Variety Shows, Cartoons, News entertainment, Fashion, Life Shows and Tech programs directly in the Chinese the language of China.

Watch free video on iyfTv. You can also purchase a premium subscription in order to avoid the restrictions. If you use the free version, you’ll see ads after 15 to 20 minutes of viewing, and it is impossible to skip advertisements.

After you have the premium service and a premium subscription, you are able to push the limit and view superior quality pictures and enjoy the pleasure of watching movies without ads. Additionally, you are able to access prime-time TV shows that have high ratings. Members of VIP can download the online shows using desktop and mobile applications and watch high-definition films without the need for a internet connection. Take a look below and benefit from the quick download. Download the iyf.TV via app download and iFuntv’s app download on their official site.

The difference between VIP and Free Iyf/iFunTV users

Watch Chinese videos on a variety of gadgets. The apps are accessible across every platform which include Windows, MAC, Android as well as iOS. It is possible to download the iyf.TV application on both Android as well as iOS on the official site. Additionally, you are able to download the iFunTv/iyfTV stand-alone Web-based application to get around the limitations of internet browsers.

IFunTV Features Free for Customers:

  • Online, you can stream indefinitely Chinese films as well as News
  • It is possible to watch a range of TV shows online and prime video for free
  • It is possible to add items to your wishlist and view them in the future.
  • The quality of video is restricted to the resolution of 480p.
  • The ads are displayed following 15 to 20 minutes viewing time. You are unable to skip
  • There is no way to download videos so that you can view them offline
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If.TV / iFunTV VIP Features:

  • The video quality can be set as high as 4K for the videos that are available
  • I downloaded the web-based shows to stream them offline
  • For specific videos, ask for them.
  • Search videos
  • Disguise your identity
  • Remove ads from the filter and avoid these ads while you’re on the go
  • Ultra HD video quality
  • It’s cheap at just 15 EURper month
  • Give the program a rating based on your personal opinion

Top 5 iFunTV alternatives

The iFunTv However, it is a fantastic service for Chinese people to help their friends across the globe. There is a reason, their site has gone not working and there is a disruption in the services. You don’t need to be concerned, as our tech team has done their research and discovered the top alternative to the iFunTV application. Here is the complete study and the features these alternative apps provide for their respective platforms.

FTV Media Network

The iFunTV is a subscription-based platform, might prove to be beneficial for some people. It is possible to find the most effective iFunTV alternatives. It is the FTV media network is an online streaming service to stream their shows as well as a full TV experience. Additionally there is the option to take a look at News as well as short stories on their website, which is in Chinese language. It’s a legitimate TV network offering streaming on the internet. It is possible to watch only the shows they offer, but you are not able to download or save them to watch offline.

Bedtime TV

Beijing Time website and the news client (APP) Beijing Time website as well as the news-based client (APP) have been launched in April 2012 under the direction from the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. They’re one of Beijing’s top media outlets for financial services and also the latest media platform of Beijing Radio and Television Station. Television, radio as well as new media-integrated editing as well as the latest formats for integrated communications. Beijing New Media (Group) Co., Ltd. is owned jointly through Beijing Radio and Television Station as well as Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

iFunTv and iyf.TV is similar to each the other. It has the same features for their platform, much similar to what iFunTV has offered previously. The channel offers a wide selection of chinese movies, dramas technology videos, news and current affairs clips as well as Entertainment, Fashion News, Chines Celebrity Gossip and also a video-on-demand feature. The subscription can be purchased through the web, then install the iyfTV application for the device you are using Desktop, Android, and iOS device and watch the Chinese programming natively through it. Chinese platform.

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Duonaovod TV: iFun TV Alternatives

Its Duonaovod television is an alternative that lets you stream on-demand chinese cartoons online, Movies, Native reality programs, Netflix trending shows, movies on demand, and more. Duonaovod TV Duonaovod TV is the best alternative to iFunTv today and is a great choice. It is possible to directly access the official site Additionally, simplified the interface that allows users to navigate quickly through various choices for watching cartoons as well as Leaderboards, shows as well as online TVs. The site also has a live TV feature that lets you view CHC HD Movies, FOX Sports, Guangdong Satellite TV, as well as Liaoning Satellite TV.

CCTV Media Network

It is the CCTV Media Network is the most well-known Chinese media channel that offers numerous channels that are divided into different categories. The company expands its service offerings beyond News to additional electronic video services such as Television shows as well as hosting government programming. The CCTV channel is the official Chinese television channel that focuses on News across China and across the globe. It is possible to watch CCTV channels right from their official site. CCTV media networks are amazingly disseminating Chinese tradition and culture with elegance. It’s accessible via Android, iPad, iPhone and Android TV. The TV channels available are numerous making it a great alternative to iFunTv as well as other rivals on the market.

FAQs frequently asked questions about iFunTV

Does iFUN TV work offline?

The iFunTV is a base TV on the internet network which only operates on the internet. You can however download TV shows and play them offline later.

Are iFunTV accessible in different languages?

It’s a Chinese-themed website that provides information in Chinese.

Does The iFunTV the sole option available to Chinese overseas to stream the content they want in their Chinese

In the past, we have discussed the top option in iFun TV, which offers Chinese programming. CCTV media network is an excellent alternative. Moreover, iyf. TV is an utterly copy of iFunTV.

Are the iFunTV application available in the Play Store?

It is possible to download the iFunTV application from the third-party android store apps. The app was accessible through the PlayStore as well as the iOS Appstore sometimes in the earlier times, but then it was removed from both stores.

Final Thoughts

It’s basically the entirety of what our technical team written regarding iFunTV reviews. But, it’s the top on the internet Chinese television service over the last few days. With time, many important players have performed well in the business. IyfTv is a handy app and simple to use. It is possible to download the cross-platform Iyf television apps right on their site and watch Native Chinese TV shows on mobile.

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