How to Wear a Leather Jacket with a Dress?

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Are you the bridesmaid for your best friend, and amongst all the wedding chaos, you forget to decide what to wear? Everyone’s wearing a dress, but you aren’t sure how to make it a warm wear because it’s a winter outdoor wedding? Phew, must be exhausting, right? 

Well, you know what outwear perfectly goes along with a dress? A leather jacket! Oh yes, what else could it be? Leather jackets are the most versatile piece of clothing in both men’s and women’s wear, and have the audacity to add elegance, grace and style to your outfit. 

If you want to look both sophisticated and stunning, then you must definitely pair up your dress with a leather jacket. No matter which season it is, be it winter or spring, fall or summer – there’s nothing better than a leather jacket to match up with your dress. A leather jacket can go along with all kinds of dresses, be it a midi dress, a maxi dress or a boho lightweight dress. 

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Here, in this article, we will be listing some smart ways to wear a leather jacket with dresses. You can pick any of the following or even come up with your own, either way, it’s a win-win.

Keep things subtle and minimal with a short blush dress and a brown leather jacket. This soft and subtle mix and match will embrace you with the look that you can carry for both casual and formal occasions. You can style up this outfit for both summers and winters, as the colors are cool and settling. Accessorize your outfit by wrapping up a white scarf around your neck. Lastly, complete your look with beige boots and that’s all that you need to look stunningly gorgeous. 

  • Black leather jacket with a burgundy knitted sweater dress, leopard print leggings, black ankle boots and a beanie

If you want an outfit that could keep you warm during the coldest temperature in winters, then this is what you need to grab onto. Match up a burgundy knitted sweater dress featuring a turtleneck collar and long sleeves, with a black leather jacket. The leather jacket will make sure to keep you super warm, and the sweater will add a layer of warmth as well. For the bottom, wear up leopard printed leggings and to sum up the look, black ankle boots are what you need to grab onto. And as a cherry on top, wear your adorable beanie and keep your ears and head warm as well. 

  • Black leather jacket with a red flare maxi gown dress, high heels and leather gloves

Since leather jackets are best known for their versatility, they can perfectly go along with wedding-y dresses, such as long maxi dresses. Try pairing up your red flare maxi gown dress with a black leather jacket for your friend’s wedding tonight. Accessorize your outfit with black leather gloves to add sturdiness to your personality. Leave your hair flaunting, wear subtle makeup with a dark lip shade and put on your high heels to get an upright posture. 

  • Black studded leather jacket with a pink dress, ankle boots and a handbag

Black leather jackets have their own charm and can literally transform your entire look from casual to classy. A simple pink dress for a tea party at your mom’s, can stunningly turn into a bold and confident one by wearing a black studded leather jacket. The lighter shade of the dress gets complimented by the darker shade of the outwear. Moreover, hold onto your cute little bag, and wear up your black shades. Ankle boots will finally complete your look for the day. 

  • Black cropped leather jacket with a yellow frock, knee high boots and oversized sunglasses

Who says leather jackets can only be worn in winters? It’s timeless and can literally be worn all year round. For a flawless spring look, pair up your yellow frock with a black cropped leather jacket and look as fresh as a daisy. Go for knee high boots for the footwear and finally, put on your oversized sunglasses with a light lip color, to carry the casual and breezy look that you had in your mind. 


Leather jackets are themselves sturdy and dominant, and when paired up with the right outfit, it can be something extraordinary. For those who didn’t know that a leather jacket can go along with dresses as well, this must’ve been quite something for you. Now, let all those dresses be out from the bags, and wear them one by one, along with your favorite leather jacket, to carry the look that you’ve been holding back onto. Looks gorgeous!


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