How to make a crypto exchange?

crypto exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is a process of converting fiat money or digital money into any form of virtual currency and vice versa. Due to the interest of people the world over in owning and trading different types of crypto, the need for crypto exchanges has become imperative and crypto exchanges are mushrooming at a rapid pace with a lot of companies/entrepreneurs showing interest in starting/owning one.

If you also have an interest in crypto exchanges and how they work and you want to start up your own crypto exchange business, this step-by-step guide can help you with the process.

Define your target audience

Knowing your audience is the first step. If you use a specific platform to deal in crypto and you think the experience and process of exchange can be done in a better way, that’s your cue to get in the business. Your target audience may be restricted by your country and its jurisdiction, but if you’re planning to globalize your business, you’ll need the assistance of a lawyer with experience in handling international laws of exchange.

Partnership with a reliable bank is a must

As you will be handling fiat money, having a reliable banking partner is a prerequisite.

So it is crucial that your banking partner has the necessary infrastructure to handle the volume of transactions, is partner-friendly, and has competitive exchange rates.

Have a sophisticated software

Due to worldwide interest in crypto, a lot of entrepreneurs are thinking of different ways in revolutionizing the process, and having a sound software partner means having an edge in this cutthroat competitive market.

And because mobile devices are more convenient to use, it is important to develop mobile app software with web solutions.

The exchange architecture

To be concise, the framework for the cryptocurrency exchange website comprises of four pillars –

  • Trading engine. With this fundamental part sorted, the whole mechanism becomes a lot easier. A trading engine should be able to access the order book without any restraints, should be able to harmonize purchasing and selling orders, and process transactions impeccably.
  • Front end. Your UI is a reflection of your thought process and how you plan to enable your audience to understand and process transactions on your platform. Try to configure the platform to ensure quick and smooth trading.
  • The wallet. Exactly the way we keep our money secure yet accessible in our wallets, digital wallets should be optimized to enable secure operations while depositing or withdrawing the money, and also offer quick and smooth logging in and out.
  • Admin panel. Your dashboard is the backbone of the entire operation and it must aid and abet the admin in running the trading operations fluently and provide helpful and professional customer support to the audience.

Privacy & security is primary

The whole purpose of having a digital investment is to feel protected and secure. So it goes unsaid that ensuring privacy and making your users secure is half the job done. It’s no wonder that so many cryptocurrency exchange businesses have closed because they could easily be hacked.


As we are dealing with various forms of money, it’s an absolutely essential practice to adhere to already established guidelines of verifying your customer’s details, which imply corroborating and authenticating the user’s identity.

Customer support

Technical details being the backbone, strong customer support is something that can potentially impart a platform an edge over others. Competent customer service personnel can give an impetus to your business as your user believes in you and that’s the best marketing tool that has ever existed.


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