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How to add Market Research In Product Development Process

Product Development is the process to create a brand new product or improving the existing product. The process of developing a product is an intricate set of actions. Though it’s certainly time- and resource expensive, following each step will give you a better likelihood of the success. Yet, efficiently completing each step typically calls for a group of specialists such as an market research company to make sure that each stage is carried out with success.


There are seven steps unique to the development of products:

  1. Research as well as Idea Generation: The first step of development for a product where concepts originate through consumer research, feedback from customers as well as brainstorming sessions and various other methods.
  2. Concept Creation Concept Development: At this step, the top ideas are refined into ideas for product designs that can be implemented and possess potential for being profitable.
  3. Prototyping and Design Design and Prototyping idea is later transformed into a concrete design. Prototypes created and evaluated to confirm the product is functioning in the way it is intended to and that it meets customers’ expectations.
  4. Evaluation and Validation Testing and Validation: The HTML0-based prototype then is tested to make sure it complies with all standards and rules. This phase involves testing with users performing tests, as well as different forms of verification.
  5. Production When the design is approved it is then able to move into the production phase. The process involves creating manufacturing processes, procuring materials and assembling the finished product.
  6. launch Final product then goes on the marketplace. The launch phase involves marketing, sales, as well as distribution.
  7. Review of the Post Launch Evaluation After the product has been launched It is crucial to assess its effectiveness and get feedback from the customers. These feedbacks are used to implement improvements and modifications for the service.

Each of these actions shows how development of products is an ongoing process that can take an organization from the beginning of their idea to a developed products or services.


Market research can be a crucial instrument across these actions to make sure that you’re toward the right direction and getting the correct information for your decision-making. Let’s go through a few the steps above and examine the ways that market research can help with every one of them.

Market Research & Idea Generation

The very first stage of every process for developing products is the creation of ideas. It is the most crucial area in which market research is crucial.

Market research, for instance, aids companies in identifying the requirements and preferences of the people they are targeting. When they know what their customers desire and require, businesses are able to come up with ideas for new products that meet these demands. In addition, it could assist companies in identifying the areas of opportunity that is, where there are any existing products that can meet the requirements of a specific market. This is an opportunity to companies to come up with innovative products that help fill in the gaps.

The most common market research service can be competitive analysis. It helps businesses understand their rivals’ offerings and the way they’re positioned within the marketplace. It also provides concepts for creating items that differentiate themselves with unique characteristics and advantages. Of course, research on market trends supports trend analysis, which is the procedure that identifies emerging patterns and trends in consumer habits. These can help in the development of innovative products that are in line with the current trends as well as meet evolving customer needs.

Market Research & Product Concepts

After the concepts are presented, the tangible ideas need to be developed. Market research is a crucial element at this point.

Market research helps businesses to improve their concept for their products through gathering opinions from prospective customers. The feedback received can be used to adjust the concept of the product so that it better meets the customer’s needs as well as preferences. Additionally, it can assist companies in assessing the market interest in their concept. In gathering data from prospective customers, businesses can determine their interest in the product as well as discover any barriers that could hinder the product’s adoption.

Finding the key benefits and features is another role that market research plays when it comes to this stage. Utilizing various techniques such as market research, they can help inform how to prioritize benefits or features which ensures that the concept of the product is in line.

Market Research & Initial Launch

The next step in the design process will be the stage of launch. It is the time when the product is actually introduced to the market. Businesses should think about establishing the awareness of customers and driving trials and purchases.

There are several methods that market research can support the process. First, firms are able to use surveys and interviews to get feedback from their customers who have just tried products to the very first time. These feedbacks can be utilized to determine areas of improvement and to make changes to the product or the marketing strategies. In addition, the research could be utilized to evaluate how well the product sells product. It can assist companies in determine which sales and marketing strategies are successful and what ones should be changed.

Market Research & Post Launch Evaluation

In the event of a successful release, the task continues. Examining the results of the product over several months or even years afterwards will ensure that it remains an enduring success. Again, research on the market aids in this process also.

It is important to gather customer satisfaction in order to assess whether the product will meet the needs of customers and also to identify points where the product requires more improvement or refinement. Businesses should also think about research into the perception of brands to determine how their customers see their brands and also how the new product is a part of their branding.

Market research is a crucial element at every stage of the process of developing a product, beginning with the idea stage and continuing through the post-launch review. The research helps businesses collect customer feedback and assess demand from the market as well as identify the most important attributes and advantages

Try out the positioning and messaging, evaluate results in sales, analyze customer satisfaction and the perception of brands as well as keep up-to-date with competitors and discover possibilities for improving the quality of their products.

Through using market research in order in the direction of product development businesses can improve the chances of success on market, boost the satisfaction of customers, and create an impressive image for their brand. In the end, market research is essential for businesses looking to design effective products that satisfy the requirements and desires of the market they intend to target.

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