How Old Is Nezuko From Demon Slayer


Demon Slayer is a show about two siblings -the elder brother, Tanjiro as well as his sister Nezuko. After the death of their fathers, Tanjiro becomes the breadwinner of his family. He makes trips into a nearby town in order to market charcoal. One of these trips his family is attacked by a demon leaving only one survivor: his younger sister Nezuko. The attack causes her to transform into the form of a demon. The story begins when he tries to find a way reverse the demon transformation of Nezuko and transform her back into an ordinary human. He is a part of a shadow organisation that is tasked with eliminating demonic creatures that lurk the night how old is Nezuko.

Who is Nezuko?

Kamado Nezuko plays the role of deuteragonist of Demon Slayer, and also the younger sister of the main character, Tanjiro. The character’s appearance is of a petite, fair young girl sporting strange eyes that are pink with pale pink Irises. Dark brown haori (traditional Japanese hip- or length jacket that is worn over a Kimono) over her light pink Kimono. The sandals are pink and looks like she’s chewing on bamboo. Pink ribbons accent her dark hair. Before she turned into an undead creature her image was of being a caring and kind character.

After gaining her demon appearance She has developed a strong willpower that she shows when she is offered liquid blood by the Wind Sanemi Shinazugawa and Hashira. This veteran corp member is doing this to show everyone they are all demons are exactly the same in their desire for human blood and pain. Demons do indeed have an unquenchable desire to eat human blood. However, Nezuko fights against this urge with sheer determination. She attempts to speak in some rare occasions, but she stutters often; it’s possible that the issue is due to her gag and the trauma she suffered. The demonic state she is in brings out her most physical self, that is evident in the vein-like pattern which appears across the top of her head.

How old is Nezuko?

Nezuko Kamado’s birthday was the 28th of December. She is twelve years old and is the youngest person on the show at the start of the series. She weighs 45 kg and stands 5 feet tall.

When Tanjiro prepares to become a one of demon slayers’ corps when he is ready, he departs Nezuko at Sakonji’s side. In this time Nezuko sleeps like she’s in a coma until the time her brother is back from his classes. There is no explanation for Nezuko’s sleepy slumber like the reason or the way she could modify the mental condition of her.

In the later part within the narrative, she’s aged 14. So if you’re thinking about how old is Nezuko has the answer.

Why is she living in an enclosed box?

Demons are averse to the sun.Similar to vampires from old mythology, the creatures originate from Kimetsu no Yaiba have a similar weakness. The sun’s destructive power on demons differs according to their strength as well as their position in the order of. Because Nezuko is turned into a monster right at the beginning of the story she is prone to the consequences of the sun, too. So, she adjusts her height to fit into the box. But, at a later part of this storyline, we can see her attaining a unique skill that allows her to expose herself to sunlight and not burn herself while doing it.

Nezuko Abilities

Changes in Body Size The ability of HTML0 is to change the body dimensions and size. This is evident in her shrinking to fit into the box designed to protect her from sun. She is able to return to her size when fighting other monsters.

General Strength Upgrade In spite of the lack of training her sibling, Tanjiro, had to undergo, her strength is boosted compared to peers, a normal demon, even with no human flesh. She does not have any combat skills, nor does she exhibit any skill when fighting off foes. Her initial style of attack is very rough and emphasizes the brutality of her attack.

She is able to completely kill an ordinary demon with just striking the neck region. The neck region of the creature is thought to be its weakest, and the most experienced demon slayers are always looking at this specific region of the creature using the weapons they employ. At the final episode of the manga and anime series, the strength of Nezuko’s is believed to be equivalent to the strength of an lower moon’s demon’s.

Hyper Regeneration The ability to heal at a rate that is exponential for humans doesn’t sound like something extraordinary for demons. However, Nezuko’s regenerative abilities are capable of taking it to the highest level. She is able to regenerate her damaged legs at a rapid pace with incredible speed. The ability is on the same level as the upper moon demon’s regeneration capability.

Demonic Transformation If she senses that the life of her brother or sister is in danger her body goes into a heightened mode and assumes the form of a demon. The demon’s crests begin to appear across her body in the form of a green vine. There are numerous veins that appear throughout her body and one horn appears from her forehead on the right. It’s evident that this shape is a sign of her power and ability to fight.

Protective Against The Sun: Another characteristic that is unique to demons Nezuko discovers during her adventures with Tanjiro is her resistance to sunlight. After her fight with the demon of the moon’s upper part her body is able to endure exposure to sunlight without burning to ashes. This is a rare ability to be present with other undemons.

Some interesting facts concerning Nezuko

Introduction: Background information: T.V. production has a lively cast of actors who voice the character Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. One of Nezuko’s English voice actress will be Abby Trott. Incredibly enough, she’s also the Singer of the Super Smash Bros theme song “Lifelight”. This Japanese voice actor’s name was Akari Kito. Many in the community think that Kito is similar to Nezuko. The truth is, both are 5 feet tall , therefore, there’s a common feature they have in common. Do you want to know more reasons why she’s an ideal character for this role? The first letter of the name of the voice actor can be described as “Ki” (Kito Akari is the way the name is written on Kanji). “Ki” means “Demon”.

The Chosen one: Nezuko Kamado is known as the demon chosen by Muzan since they are the sole demon of their kind capable of walking around in the sun to the sun without suffer a complete burn. Even Muzan who is the mother of all demons is scared of the sun to a shocking degree.

The Symbolic Name The family of Kamado lived in a mountainous region that was snowy prior to an attack by demons. Name “Nezuko” in Kanji partially is translated in “Snowball flower” in English. The flower blooms during winter. Therefore, it is likely that she was named in honor of the flower.

Popularity Surveys One of the most exciting aspects of any anime or manga series is the popularity of the character. In the initial popularity poll Nezuko received 3 third in the poll with 319 votes. But her popularity plummeted in the subsequent poll to 11 the spot and her brother was at 4 fourth spot on the rankings. This is a common occurrence in Shounen series since the main characters are prone to fade in popularity as more intriguing antagonists and side characters are introduced. The exception to this to this is Luffy of One Piece who is always in the top spot despite the variety of characters that the series introduces for each season.

A significant family heritage: Tanjiro and Nezuko are the heirs of the most effective breathing technique ever existed. According to legend, Sun style breathing, a skill handed down through the family line is the basis of breathing techniques in general. The other breathing forms all developed by the sun’s style. The Kamado family’s inherited breath forms are known as “Hinokami Kagura” or “The Dance of the Fire God”. There are 13 sub-techniques that have been identified to be counted.

What’s the reason Nezuko take a bite out of bamboo?

If a demon is exposed to the taste of blood from a human They lose control and become agitated. They have an uncontrollable desire to eat human flesh. Nezuko is known to bite into the muzzle of a bamboo to make sure that no blood of a human gets into her mouth, whether deliberately or accidentally. If she ingests human blood, she’ll lose any human consciousness that she’s left and will likely take off on a spree in which she would attack other beings. This could make it necessary for Kamado Tanjiro and the other demon slayers to take her down. Thus bamboo is utilized as a protection for the other people as well as her.


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