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But, Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta were able to spend their time inside the vault of time at Kami’s watchtower. The lookout added an additional layer of time in his life. Additionally in the event that Goku dies, we could suppose that the his time on Earth will not affect the character. How Old is Goku? The time he spends on the King Kai’s Planet is also run different.

The idea of judging Goku’s lifespan time is more difficult if we view it as a view from the earthlings. So, let’s take a look. I’ve laid out my research about how long ago Goku appears in the next article?

Goku’s Age Throughout the Dragon Ball Sagas

A number of sagas followed the adventures of Son Goku through several different phases of his life. There were a few timing jumps and time skips during these sagas changed the age Goku is. Let me take you down the memories for a bit to help us answer your questionabout what is the age of Goku?

Universal Survival Saga

Grand Zeno begins a tournament across all universes, where seven teams from other universes fight to protect their universe.

In this episode, Goku is facing Jiren who is another formidable opponent. In a fight against Jiren from Universe 11, Goku wins by using Ultrainsticnt. At the moment, Goku was 43 years old. The war was over with Android 17 rescuing all universes with his request.

Emperor Pilaf Saga

Goku’s journey to the beginning of his life begins with the pilaf story when he encounters the other key characters in the story of the dragon ball Z. Goku encounters Bulma, Yamucha, Krillin and the nose-bleeding Kung-fu master Roshi in this epic tale.

How old was Goku during the time of the Emperor Pilaf Saga?

He was 14during this story as the story starts. While he appears to be an 8-year-old or five-year-old at the time, he was only 14 when the first story began.

Then, Dragon ball corrected the earlier age of Goku and stated that he was 11 in the Pilaf saga because he is having trouble with the incorrect age.

Demon King Piccolo Saga

Goku encounters his first fierce and formidable foe, demon King piccolo in the 22nd World Martial Art Tournament. Goku was at work with his training, adventures, and competing in the competition. The showdown he had with his adversary Tien Shinan, who later became his friend Goku. Tien later joined the ranks of the Z warriors. The Z warriors are on Gogoanime it is possible to stream the entire show.

After his fight in the battle with Tien, Goku goes on to take on King Piccolo and beats King Piccolo. In this period, Goku was 15 years old . Still, Goku was a tiny boy.

Proposing Chi-Chi And Battling Piccolo Jr

The first time that Goku appeared in the Saga of Dragon Ball, Goku was healthy and fit for his age in his participation in the 23rd World Martial Art Tournament.

Bulma could not even identify an adult Goku and was astonished having a taller, stronger, attractive, and confident Goku in this tournament.

It was also at this period that Goku suggested Chi Chi. You might be wondering what age is Goku when he first proposed Chi-Chi? It was the 23rd World Martial Art Tournament was launched three years after the previous tournament. That’s right, Goku was 18 years andold when Chi-chi proposed to him and was battling Piccolo Jr. in the Piccolo Jr. saga.

Saiyan & Frieza Saga

Goku is married now and has a child Gohan within his family. The Saiyans strike under Frieza’s direction. Goku dies in a war together with Saiyan sister Raditz and is not returned to the world until he’s returned with dragon balls a year after.

After returning, Goku fights Nappa and the Saiyan Prince Vegeta. After defeating the latter the latter, he suffered a serious injury and suffered a slow recovery process. After that, Goku set off for the planet Namek to assist Krillin as well as little Gohan.

Goku fights Frieza In Namek as well as destroys the world by doing so. In the event that Goku is back in the second year, he encounters the future trunks, who appear to warn of the androids of 17 and 18. In this period, Goku was 29 years old. When he later fights Cell and gives himself up in the process, he’s thirty years old. Therefore, if you’re asking how old he will be when he gives himself up to Cell Here is the answer.

How Old Is Goku In The Buu Saga?

In the Buu saga Goku is dead for a lengthy period after Gohan defeated Cell by transforming into Super Saiyan form. Goku prefers to die and train until the time in the shape of Magin Buu. He battles Kid Buu by using the spirit bomb before finally returns to the living after the Buu story.

Now Goku was dead and off the planet for seven years after his death in the Cell series. The chronological age of Goku is the age of37 an age . But, because age doesn’t apply to dead people Goku is still thirty-years old when he’s wished back.

Dragon Ball Super Saga

What is the age of Goku within his Dragon ball supers saga? The story begins 4 years following the conclusion of the Dragon Ball Z Saga when Gohan and Videl are married.

In this time, Gohan is a scholar, Krillin became a police officer, Vegeta is training (as normally) as usual, as is Goku lives the normal lifestyle of the farmer.

In a flash, the god of destruction Lord Beerus appears in search of his super Saiyan god that appeared within his dream. Goku as of now has reached the age of 41. .

How Old Is Goku Now?

Goku is 43 at the end of the dragon super. So that Goku’s age is 43. Dragon Ball Broly Movie is in the continuity. Since there’s no specific information about how long after the event of Dragon Ball Super when the Brolly film takes place, it’s not easy to assess his age during the Broly film.

If we believe that the Broly film’s events occur one year after the conclusion in the Dragon Ball super arc, then Goku is aged 44 in the film. Based on the time-switch the character makes in the movie 2022 it is possible to deduce the film’s age. The current age of Goku would be 44 years old but many discussions have claimed that he’s 37 years old.

What Is Happening In Dragon Ball Now?

The present Dragon ball Super saga is about a full-on battle between several universes, where Goku obtains Ultrainstinct during a fight against Jiren.

Following that, we get to see the last two pure-blooded Saiyan combat the much more formidable and terrifying brolly . This is in the Dragon Ball Broly movie The movie premiered in December of this year.

Following the release of the movie that followed, the story of Goku returned to focusing on manga. Then, in 2022 the next Dragon Ball Super SuperHero movie is scheduled to be released in April of this year.

After all of these facts How old is Goku really? I’ll run a background check to determine Goku’s actual age. Goku.


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