GTA 6: Release Date, Updates, Characters


We have good news for you if you are excited about GTA 6. According to Rockstar Games, it is currently in development.

After years of speculation and rumors, it was finally confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be coming to the United States. We now know that GTA 6 will be a real game, but we still have questions. The most important question is how can it be played? We don’t yet know the answer. The release is likely to be a few years away . This means that we won’t probably see it before at least 2024.

Rockstar has not yet revealed a lot of details about GTA 6, but confirmed its existence and made a promise to “set creative benchmarks” for the series.

GTA 6 did not make an appearance at Gamescom Opening night Live. Rockstar is known for making its own announcements and reveals, especially with big games like GTA 6. Nevertheless, many other exciting games will still be revealed and announced at Gamescom 2022.

We still have plenty more rumors and reports about GTA 6. A recent Bloomberg report claimed that the game could feature the series’ first female protagonist. It would also revolve around characters named after Bonnie and Clyde, an American criminal duo.

It seems increasingly likely that GTA 6’s ‘where’ will be in Vice City, with extensions to other cities and regions via post-launch DLC.

We will likely have to wait a while before we hear any official information about GTA 6 and see it in action. S has at least given us some insight into how sharp the game could look on the latest generation of consoles.

You want to learn more about Grand Theft Auto 6? Continue reading to learn everything we know so far about GTA 6.


Rockstar Games finally confirmed that it is working on GTA 6. However, it has kept the details of its release under wraps. There have been rumors and reports that suggest when Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released. They don’t seem to suggest that it will happen anytime soon.

It is speculation but it matches other leaks and reports from the past couple of years. Our best hint for GTA 6’s release date was obtained from Take-Two Interactive. This is Rockstar’s parent company. Take-Two’s 10K SEC filing from 2020, shows that the company plans to spend $89 millions on marketing between April 2023 and March 2024. This is a significant increase and more than the expected marketing budget for any other fiscal year for the next decade.

Industry analyst Jeff Cohen predicted that GTA 6 would release during this time period. Cohen explained to investors in a note that past marketing budgets had predicted other major releases from Take-Two Interactive like Red Dead Redemption II. If this prediction is true, then GTA 6 will be released sometime between April 2023 & March 2024. This spike was originally expected to occur in fiscal year 2023. However, it has been moved to 2024. This would indicate that there has been a delay if it GTA6 that caused the spike.

A section on “Strategic Rationale and Stockholder Value Creation” contained a note that stated: “Looking ahead, Take-Two expects to deliver a 14% compound anual growth rate… for the three-year period between Take-Two Fiscal Years 2021 and 2024.”

A Jefferies analyst, an investment banking firm, responded to this by saying: “There are only a few titles that…provide management with confidence to issue such strong guidance; we believe there will be at least one Rockstar IP released by FY24.”

Henderson explains that there are several reasons why this is so. One of the biggest reasons is Rockstar Games’ focus on employee wellbeing. The developer wants to avoid a culture of “crunch culture”. Henderson claimed that Rockstar did not want to reveal the game until they were certain that it would reach its release date. This was in an effort to avoid delays and to keep employees from working extremely long hours to meet deadlines.

S and PC. Given the shortage of PS5/Xbox Series X, Rockstar games is apparently waiting for a “big enough marketplace” to release these consoles. In other words, until most players are able to get them.

Henderson also cited the popularity of GTA 5 as a third reason for the 2024/2025 release. He claimed that Rockstar wouldn’t want to release GTA 6 when its predecessor is still so popular.

Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg reporter, has confirmed Henderson’s prediction. Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg reporter, confirmed Henderson’s prediction in his report earlier this year.

Although a release date of 2024 seems like a safe bet, one leaker suggests that this may be wishful thinking. Chris Klippel, creator of Rockstar Mag (who has previously accurately leaked Rockstar Game News) says that although the developer has reached a significant working milestone, Grand Theft Auto will not release before the End in 2024.

Take-Two Interactive’s May 20,22 earnings presentation also dampened any release date optimism. It outlined the publisher’s release schedule for the 2023 fiscal year through 2025, without any mention of GTA 6.

This would suggest that GTA 6 might not be released until after April 2026, which would be a long wait. It’s important to note that the slide showing GTA 6’s release pipeline shows only a “snapshot”, and that there will be new titles in the future. For example, the presentation suggests that details regarding unannounced projects will be released in early 2023.

Even though Take-Two has a rough release window for GTA 6 it is unlikely it will reveal it to the rest of the world through a slide in a financial presentation.

Rockstar Games will have to confirm GTA 6’s release date before we can be certain, but it seems unlikely that it will be before then.


Rockstar Games did not share a trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 with its announcement. This suggests that Rockstar Games is approaching Grand Theft Auto 6 differently from its previous titles. Rockstar Games released trailers for Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 a few days prior to releasing the first trailer.

Rockstar did not tease any announcement, nor did they release a trailer for the game. Instead, it just included the announcement in a community post. It is difficult to predict if there will be a trailer at some point soon.

However, the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 will be out soon and everyone will know. We’ll also let you know.


Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed the location of GTA 6, but there are a lot of rumors suggesting that it could be in a number of different settings. While every bit of juicy gossip and online information looks tempting, only a handful are actually true.

GTA 6 is most likely to be set in Vice City. This is Rockstar’s fictional Miami. Bloomberg reports that Vice City will be featured in GTA6. However, Rockstar’s original plans are more ambitious. According to the report, GTA 6 was a vast area that was modeled after both North America and South America at the start of development. This was apparently reduced to Vice City and the surrounding areas, but “the game’s vast world is still large with more interior locations than in previous Grand Theft Auto games”.

According to the report, the map will not remain static. Rockstar intends to update GTA 6 by adding more cities and interior locations, which will be significantly larger than the updates GTA 5 received. This is to allow developers more time to build the game’s vast map and reduce stress overtime. This will also mean that you’ll be able to explore new areas after the game is released. Bloomberg reports that Rockstar intends to add new missions to the game and new cities “on a regularly basis”. This will give us new areas to explore, while hopefully cutting down on the studio’s costs.

These rumors are in line with other leaks. YouTube channel The know (opens in new window) is the source of one of the most significant Grand Theft Auto 6 setting rumors. GTA 6 was being developed under the codename Project Americas, because players will be allowed to fly between the US & South America.

A Reddit post that was deleted appeared to confirm some of The Know’s claims. Reddit poster claiming the leak said that the game was in production since 2015. However, it was put on ice while Red Dead Redemption 2 was being played. GTA 6 was claimed to be vast, spanning multiple decades (the 1970s and 1980s), and locations (one being Vice City, another Liberty City, and one being a fictional city based in Rio de Janeiro).

These rumors led to a series online of “leaked” images that have appeared since early 2020. They allegedly show sections of the GTA 6 map and align with Project Americas rumor. There have been four leaks so far, each showing a different section. Fans speculate about the contents of each section, with some locations including Rio De Janeiro and the Everglades.

The Bloomberg report recently revealed that these rumors are only half true. Although the original game was intended to cover both North and South American continents it seems that the game’s scale has been reduced to concentrate on Vice City, which has “more interior locations” than other Grand Theft Auto games.

Henderson also claims that GTA 6 will not be set in the ’80s and ’90s but rather in a modern setting. This is to allow GTA 6 to be compatible with GTA Online. Developers want to have as many DLCs and updates as possible.

Henderson revealed details about GTA 6. According to the leaker, GTA Online will be released with GTA 6. It will include an evolving map that can change as new GTA 6 DLCs are added. Henderson said that this map was similar to Fortnite’s. He also claimed that GTA 6 will bring new additions to the GTA Online map.

Henderson made it clear that he was not known for GTA 6 leaks and that viewers should be cautious about taking these rumors with a grain of salt as his sources might be less reliable than his Call of Duty and Battlefield leaks.

We believe that a return to Vice City is possible in some way. This would tie into the above rumors. We have yet to receive confirmation from Rockstar about GTA 6’s location.


Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed the story and characters of GTA 6, but reports and rumors could point to what we can anticipate from Grand Theft Auto 6’s storytelling.

Bloomberg reports that GTA 6 will have a first female protagonist. It will also feature a pair of characters named after Bonnie and Clyde, an American criminal duo. The Rockstar report details Rockstar’s efforts to transform its workplace culture. It also explains how the developer “has spent four years revamping its culture and working towards becoming kinder, more progressive companies.” The series’ GTA 6 will feature a “female protagonist-as-part of a “bonnie-and-clyde”>first female protagonist. The nature of their relationship is not known.

We have heard reports of a GTA 6 playable female character before. A prominent leaker, Tom Henderson, previously (opens in new window) said that the game would feature multiple playable characters, including one female character. This will be the “bright” one with a focus of technology and hacking.

Schreier writes in his report that the “Latina woman” will be one of two leading characters in a story that was influenced by Bonnie and Clyde bank robbers. Rockstar developers are being cautious not to “punch down” by making jokes on marginalized groups, in contrast to previous entries.

This may not have been true in all cases. According to Stephen Totilo of Axios , GTA 6 used to have four cities and four protoganists at one time. These reports indicate that the number of protagonists in GTA 6 has been reduced, similar to the reduction in cities.

Other than the Bonnie and Clyde-style characters, the story is not confirmed. Many rumors, such as the Know’s report, and the deleted Reddit posting, point to GTA 6’s story being focused on drug-running. They draw inspiration from movies and shows like Narcos, and Tom Cruise’s Made in America. Reddit also claimed that the story would be told in chapters with an emphasis on visuals showing how time changes as the story progresses. The Reddit post claimed that the next GTA would only have one protagonist, Ricardo. This contradicts Axios’s reports and Bloomberg’s (though it could simply be that the vision for GTA 6 has evolved over time).

Rockstar could keep us waiting for more information about GTA 6’s characters and story, likely until the official reveal of the game. However, the announcement of GTA 6’s first female protagonist is enough to get our attention.


We’ve gathered all the latest leaks, rumors and information that could hint at GTA 6’s launch date and what to expect from the game. These details should be taken with a pinch of salt. Some are old, others are from now-deceased sources, and some might just be fans who get carried away.

Reports on single-player DLC that returns

According to Tez2, GTA 6 may feature single-player DLC. Tez2 wrote on the GTAForums that he discussed recent reports about how the game could grow over time and claimed that Rockstar would go back to the way they planned future content prior to GTA Online’s success.

Tez2 explains that this means that Rockstar will plan new missions and cities that will be released as DLC before the release of GTA 6. This is to “allocate resources towards any new title they will be working on after VI release”.

According to Tez2, the DLC will include “new cities or island” cities. Like Cayo Perico or North Yankton style. Rockstar will be able to introduce new heists for each GTA Online mode by doing this. We might get a full fledged new city if we’re lucky.”

As Tez2 points out, this would be a shift following Rockstar’s revelation to Game Informer in 2017 that it had abandoned plans to add DLC to GTA 5’s single player in 2015 to expand GTA Online and work on Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar is “determined to set creative benchmarks”

GTA publisher Take-Two spoke out about GTA 6 in an August 2022 financial conference and Rockstar’s plans for the game. CEO Strauss Zelnick reiterated February 2022’s announcement that development is underway on the game, adding that Rockstar Games was “determined to once more set creative benchmarks in the series, our industry and for all entertainment

Zelnick’s statement isn’t very clear. It also doesn’t comment on the Bloomberg reports in July about the contents of GTA 6. It does however suggest that Rockstar has high expectations when it comes to GTA 6 but that we won’t get any glimpse of the game until Rockstar is satisfied that it is ready to be shown.

A change in workplace culture

Bloomberg’s report on Rockstar’s attempts to change its workplace culture reveals how the developer “has spent four years overhauling it’s culture and working to become more progressive.” It also details Rockstar’s efforts “Grand Theft Auto VI” will feature a female Latina protagonist, the first time a woman has been played in Rockstar’s modern history.

Bloomberg also stated that production has been slow than expected due to the pandemic, but also because of these changes as employees get used to working for the new Rockstar. Many believe that morale is high and that cultural changes are worth the effort.

Rockstars hiring push with a focus in GTA 6

Rockstar confirmed that GTA 6 development is underway, but recent hiring efforts suggest it may be shifting gears. PCGamesN reported that Rockstar Games has hired for more than 200 positions in its global studios, with many of these roles being added around mid-2022.

These jobs cover a variety of fields including UX, production, animation, and art. These jobs are also available at many of the studios around the globe. The jobs don’t necessarily have to be related to Grand Theft Auto 6, but that’s the focus of the developer at the moment so there’s a good possibility that many will.

This comes after a July 20,22 post . Rockstar announced that it is pulling back major updates to Red Dead Online. Rockstar also spoke about its plans for Grand Theft Auto moving forward and the importance it places on Grand Theft Auto 6.

“Over the last few years,” the post states, “we have been steadily shifting more development resources toward the next entry in Grand Theft Auto series — understanding greater than ever the necessity to exceed players’ expectations for this next entry and for it to be the best it possibly can be — and as such, we are currently making changes to the way we support Red Dead Online.”

A engine that is ahead of its time

If a recent report is any indication, GTA 6’s graphics could be quite impressive. Chris Klippel, a journalist and Rockstar insider (via T3) said that the engine used to create GTA 6 was “ahead its time”.

Klippel stated on Twitter that the “new version of RockstarGames’ graphics engine (RAGE9), which will be used in GTA6” is “likely to be quite amazing”, and that he’s received “very positive feedback, so we really shouldn’t be disappointed.”

Klippel also stated, when asked about Unreal Engine’s performance, that “apparently the goal is to surpass the Unreal Engine.” We will see if they are capable of it.

GTA 6 is a visually impressive game. However, we have yet to see it for ourselves. We don’t know when we will get to play the game.

Take Two CEO: You have to keep it fresh.

GTA 5’s expanded and enhanced edition has made it feel like the GTA franchise is a little jumbled. However, that could change with GTA 6. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick touched on the announcement that GTA 6 is in development and not being precious with the past, saying, “You always have to be willing to be fresh. You must always be open to giving consumers what they want. You lose your relevance if you try to preserve the past.

Zelnick continued, adding that “I’m thrilled Rockstar is working on the next version of Grand Theft Auto.” It will be great. There’s plenty of evidence that Grand Theft Auto will continue to perform.

Rockstar’s new only game of the gen

AccNGT leaker suggests that Rockstar is working hard to get GTA 6 right. When asked about the number of games Rockstar should expect this generation, they replied, “If we’re talking about new games then I think GTA 6 will be released.”

First screenshot from the GTA Trilogy?

Fans think they are looking at the first GTA 6 screenshot. You can find the image of the house amongst the photographs on the wall at San Andreas’ UFO-themed L’ Probe’Inn. This is a great place to start a conspiracy, don’t you think?

Although it might be just a house with an UFO over it, the thing that is striking fans is the high-quality visuals in this image that suggests it isn’t from an older video game. And no one can find it in GTA 5.

GTA Forums user identified the real-life Boca Raton house that looked like the house. People who keep up with reports that GTA 6 may be set in Miami, or at least a fictionalized version thereof, will understand why this is significant. Fans are using it as a clue. Matheusvictorbr , a Twitter user and self-confessed Rockstar fan, stated in April 2022 (opens in new window) that they have been able verify that the house is from GTA 6. Rockstar has not confirmed the house’s location.

Job listing details next-gen VFX

A Job listing The Rockstar website suggests that Rockstar is striving to be the best when it comes next-gen visuals. Rockstar New England has a listing for a VFX artist. This includes:

This listing does not mention that the VFX artist will be working on GTA 6. We’d be surprised if GTA 6 wasn’t given the same treatment if Rockstar was looking at next-gen details on other projects.

Another Vice City rumor Vice City Setting rumors arose after an Instagram post by Rockstar employees. It was published in July 2021. Mesones has been with Rockstar for over a decade. He has provided music for many titles, including GTA V (and Red Dead Redemption 2)). His Instagram photo shows Miami’s South Beach.

Many have suggested that this could just be an eager fan reading too much into a holiday picture. Others have noticed that Mesones included Rockstar Games in the post, suggesting that it could have been a work trip.

Although Mesones’ post doesn’t prove anything, it does align with prior reports that Vice City will be visited by the game. Vice City is a Grand Theft Auto locale heavily influenced. We’ll probably wait a while before we know if this is a holiday snap, or a real release window for the game.

Henderson claims that bitcoin would not replace cash in-game currency but rather sit alongside it. Henderson believes that GTA 6 will see the stock market return, with the addition of a broker to trade different cryptocurrencies.

Take-Two CEO commits single-player experiences

Strauss Zelnick is the CEO of Take-Two’s parent company Rockstar Games. This is good news for those who hope that GTA 6 will provide a single-player experience, despite the success that GTA Online has had.

Zelnick stated that Rockstar Games wanted to create a strong single-player experience and a story-driven experience in a Q3 2021 earnings conference call (via GameSpot). Rockstar is a company that has been known for its great stories and single-player experiences. They also developed a huge multiplayer opportunity over the years.

This is in line with an interview with Scott Butchard and Tarek Hamad from Rockstar’s 2020 . Hamad answered “Absolutely,” while Butchard said that Rockstar would continue to tell single-player stories despite the existence of Online.

Patent suggests NPCs that are smarter

Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two has filed a new patent that could show that GTA 6 has improved AI for its NPCs. The patent seeks to trademark a “system, method, and device for virtual navigation within a gaming environment”. It was filed by Take-Two in October 2020.

Patent’s main focus is on how NPCs react to and move about environments. It focuses on driving NPCs. This highlights the fact that conventional systems have limited resources when it comes automating NPCs. Patent technology would allow for the creation of “a realistic virtual universe that is not restricted by hardware and software limitations.”

For example, it might be possible to see NPCs with different driver profiles to make them more natural and realistic. Speed limits could be dynamically enforced and non-moving objects like street lights and car crashes could be identified and dealt with accordingly. The driving NPCs may also react dynamically to traffic jams and high-speed chases, and then find another route around the map.

For a more realistic experience on the road, the patent takes into account more general driving skills such as a better understanding and handling of vehicles when they are moving at high speeds.

It is important to note that the patent was not filed by Take-Two. The patent could also be related to any other publisher’s games. One sign it may relate to GTA is the fact that its inventors are Simon Parr and David Hynd, who work as associate directors of technology at Rockstar.

There is no guarantee that the patent will be used in a final product. However, it seems likely that this system was designed with Grand Theft Auto 6 or Grand Theft Auto Online in mind.

VR could be the next step in GTA’s evolution.

GTA in VR If a post on LinkedIn (opens in new window) by an Australian development studio suggests otherwise, it could be possible. Video Games Deluxe posted that they are “getting ready for a new project in VR for Rockstar.” 2020 marks our 7th anniversary of exclusively working for Rockstar in Sydney. We are thrilled to take on this exciting project.

This is not unlikely considering the studio’s history with Rockstar. They worked on L.A. Noire VR for PC and PSVR, so it’s not impossible. GTA 6 hopefuls have the good news that this VR project is being done with a completely different studio. This means that it is unlikely to disrupt any plans for GTA 6.

Take-Two Interactive currently has 93 games in development

Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of Grand Theft Auto, announced in 2020 that it had 93 full game releases planned for the next five-years – and now we know that GTA 6 is one.

Karl Slatoff, Take-Two’s president, stated that the current line-up was the best in company history. But what can we expect from him? According to Slatoff, these games will include 63 “core gaming experiences”, 17 “mid-core” or arcade games, and 13 “casual games.”

Of these 93 titles, 21 will only be mobile and the remaining 72 will land on streaming, PC, consoles, and streaming platforms. The most striking stat of the meeting was that half of the games are from existing IPs. This suggests that we might see GTA 6 within the five-year timeframe, with the highly anticipated next GTA falling under that “core gaming experiences”.

We’ve been discussing this topic for a while. “This pipeline is larger than we have ever had. Slatoff stated that our expectation is to maintain this velocity. “It is really important that we build scale and this is one of the ways that we are doing it. We need more at-bats.

CEO Strauss Zelnick stated that the publisher intends to improve its financial results by publishing “a few or more significant new releases each year”. It appears that the company is optimistic about its future.

“With our strong catalogue, our live service offerings and our annual releases, it’s possible to have great strength even in a weak year. We can then do even more in the next year when we’re in a position to launch a few titles which is our strategy and even better if we have a blockbuster. Zelnick stated that we also have some of these titles.

Story is reportedly over

Chris ‘Liberty93, a French fansite of RockstarMag claimed that Grand Theft Auto 6’s story was completed before Dan Houser left Rockstar’s head writer. He also stated that the next GTA entry would still retain the “soul” of a Rockstar game.

Chris pointed out that Red Dead Redemption 2’s story was not finished, even though it was ‘completed’ in 2012.

Chris explained that “they still made changes in late 2017 and early 2018 and many small details were modified.”

Dan Houser leaves Rockstar

Houser, who has been on extended leave since spring 2019, was revealed in a statement from Take-Two Interactive. He will officially be leaving Rockstar Games on March 11, 2020. His brother Sam Houser is still president.

Houser, who has been a writer, producer, and voice actor at Rockstar Games, helped Rockstar Games become one of the largest developers in the industry. This will likely have an effect on the development of GTA 6.

GTA 6 could be GTA’s last GTA game

This is more speculation than anything concrete from Tom Henderson. We’ve already included many of his predictions and leaked information in this guide. So we felt it only fair to highlight his latest theory, which was published on Dualshockers.

Although he acknowledges that it would be sad for such a large franchise to end, he suggests that GTA Online’s popularity and constantly evolving map might make Rockstar Games unlikely to continue GTA6.

He writes that Rockstar appears to be making GTA 6 one of the most exciting future-proof video games in history. There are constant updates that give fans new content and keep the world interesting by evolving.


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