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Aftermarket services can be a great way to get noticed by investors and businesses looking for domain names. GoDaddy Auctions allows you to list domain names for sale, establish buy-it-now pricing, place domains up for auction, and manage negotiations.

Domain aftermarket is a secondary market for domains. Here buyers can try to purchase domains that have expired recently, or are about to expire soon. You can also list domains for sale using various listing options.

Domain investors use domain marketplaces to quickly and easily place domains before interested buyers. Domain investors can reach a wider audience through registry network integrations such as Afternic. Marketplaces offering other services such as domain parking or advertising can be a great place to reach potential buyers in the market you’re trying to target.

What is GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy Auctions is a marketplace that allows domain sellers to sell their domains to potential buyers. The marketplace allows domain sellers to list domains for sale . GoDaddy Auctions charges a portion of the sale price after the domain has been sold. Sellers can add optional features to enhance the domain’s exposure. GoDaddy Auctions(r) does not charge additional fees for domain purchase. However, certain domains may require a renewal or transfer fee. All prices for GoDadd auctions(r) listings will be shown in USD regardless of which currency you are paying.

What commissions are charged if a domain gets sold?

GoDaddy auctions members are able to list domains free of charge

Listings are free

  • Accepting counter-offers from potential buyers
  • Set a Buy Now Price
  • Start a 7-Day Public Auction

Sellers can increase their domain visibility by adding listing extensions.

  • For US$19.98 per listing, you can feature a listing on GoDaddy Auctions(r).
  • For US$9.99 per listing, feature a listing on a category page such as Real Estate and Technology to target buyers who are looking for specific domains.
  • For US$4.99, set a reserve price on the Auction Listing (7 Day Public Auctions only).

The seller will pay a commission when the domain is sold. The price of the domain will determine the amount. Taxes and VAT are calculated based on buyer’s account information and are paid by buyer.

  • Domain sale price: US$0 – $5,000; Commission rate: 20% (US$15 minimum)
  • Domain Sale Price: US$5,001- $25,000; Commission Rate: US$1,000 + 15% for amounts over US$5,000
  • Domain sale price: US$25,000.01 or more; Commission Rate: US$4,000+ 10% for amounts over US$25,000

What domains can I list at GoDaddy Auctions

According to the GoDaddy auctions(r) Membership Agreement domain sellers are responsible for ensuring that listed domains do not infringe on third-party trademarks. Listings that violate the terms of GoDaddy Auctions(r), may be removed by the company.

Domains that expire within the next 90 day, inactive domains or internationalized domains cannot be listed. You cannot list certain domains that have premium or tiered pricing if the renewal amount was priced at the non-premium or base tier.

Any domain registered with any registrar can be listed, as well as any parked Domains. Listing is possible without the need to park your domain.

Listings for hundreds of domain extensions are supported by GoDaddy Auctions (r). To view the complete list of extensions, visit our GoDaddy auctions page. Select Advanced Search. These are the most requested domain extensions:

  • .biz
  • .cc
  • .co
  • .com
  • .info
  • .me
  • .net
  • .org
  • .tv
  • .us

What listing types is GoDaddy Auctions offering?

There are many listing options for buyers and sellers. For more information, please visit our overview of listing options .

Can I keep the domain where it is registered and list it at GoDaddy auctions

Yes! Yes. Domains can be sold by any GoDaddy Auctions(r) registrar. It is recommended that you transfer the domain to us first. This includes a one year extension to your current registration period. The domain can be transferred to GoDaddy prior to listing. This will ensure that the buyer receives the domain immediately and the transaction is handled quickly.

Can I sell domains to multiple websites?

Domains can be offered for sale on GoDaddy Auctions, and other sites simultaneously if the domain is listed as an offer/counter-offer, or Offer/Counter–offer with Buy Now type.

You can only list the domain in a 7 day Public Auction. Listing domains on GoDaddy Auctions(r), but offering them for sale on other sites, is against the Universal Terms of Service that you signed when you created your GoDaddy Auctions (r) listing.

My domain listing is pending review.

All listings on GoDaddy Auctions, are subject to review in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the marketplace for members.

  • Trademark infringement
  • Confirmation of domain ownership
  • Registration expiration

When the review is complete, we’ll send an email to notify you if your listing has been approved or denied.

What is the best way to extend the listing time?

You can’t extend your auctions listing time on GoDaddy Auctions(r). In some cases, multiple bids may be submitted at the end of an auction. GoDaddy Auctions(r), in these instances, may extend the auction’s length to give potential buyers the chance to respond.

Can I cancel my offer or bid on GoDaddy Auctions

Bids and offers cannot be cancelled. We are committed to protecting both sellers and buyers in domain auctions. If you are the winner, your bid will be binding and you will have to purchase the domain. Offers must be accepted in the next 7 days. Otherwise, the counter offer/offer will be invalid.

How can the seller transfer the domain to the buyer?

The seller must transfer the domain name to the buyer’s GoDaddy Auctions(r) account after a domain auction ends. The process is completed automatically, although there may be exceptions.

What date will the domain I bought at auction be mine?

There are a few factors that will affect the timing of your domain winning. The process may also differ for expired domain auctions.

  • Expired domain auctions. Check the Won section in your BiddingList account. Your estimated delivery date is listed under the Status row. It’s the date that follows Expired Domain Ready on:. Your delivery date will not be affected if there is no date.
  • All other auction types: Domains typically move into the buyer’s accounts between 1 and 15 days after an auction ends. Due to the transfer procedure, domains registered with GoDaddy will usually be processed faster than domains registered elsewhere.

What is the payment for domains I have sold at auction?

There are many factors that can impact the time you receive funds for domains sold at auction. These include the type of domain listing and the speed with which the transfer is completed. These are some tips and guidelines to help you make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Set up your Payee account and confirm that the details are correct and up-to-date .
  • You should be on the lookout for emails that require you to act. We’ll send you the details for some auction transactions that may require a manual domain transfer.
  • Usually funds are disbursed within 48 to 72 hours of the domain being delivered to the buyer.

Why did I not win my auction?

There are many reasons you might not be able to win an auction.

  • The bidding verification process : If you don’t complete the verification process, you might lose an auction. By limiting bidder verification, bidders cannot place bids on auctions that are not verified bidders, buyers and sellers can be further protected from fraudulent activity. Auction users who have been verified should be confident that the auctions are conducted in compliance with strict fraud reduction rules. To verify your account, please complete verification if you plan to bid on more domains than two or for a total of US$1,500.
  • Offer rejected: Sellers don’t have to accept an offer. The auction ends if the highest bidder doesn’t win. The offer will be void if the seller does not accept or counter it within seven days.
  • The reserve price is not met If the seller sets a reserve and the auction ends with the reserve price, the domain won’t be sold to the highest bidder. You must meet or exceed the reserve price to win auctions with reserves. Although you can see if the seller has set a reserve, it is not possible to view the actual price.
  • Extension of the auction length: GoDaddy(r) can extend an auction’s length to give potential buyers the chance to bid. You might be outbid by another bidder if you submit multiple bids in the last moments of an auction. Domains that have an extended auction time will display a clock icon.
  • Renewal : An expired domains auction allows the original registrant to renew the domain. The domain is no longer available for sale.


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