Gabi Goslar Age, Family and Husband


Hannah Goslar and Gabi Goslar are two sisters who had get through the holocaust of 1941-45. They were cherished associates with Anne Frank, the notable diarist.

The Holocaust of World War II was butcher and ethnic cleansing of the European Jews. It has occurred in German Reich.

During the hour of 4 years, some place in the scope of 6,000,000 Jews across German-involved Europe and around 66% of European Jews were proficiently killed.

Gabi Goslar Sister

Hannah Goslar Sister: Is Gabi Goslar Still Alive? Without a doubt, Hannah Goslar’s sister, Gabi Goslar, is at this point alive. As of now in all honesty, she is 81 years old. She was brought into the world in the October of 1940, 12 years after her senior was conceived.

Hannah Goslar conveyed a book named “My Best Friend Anne” in 2021. The book is about Goslar’s life and her dear connection with Anne Frank. Along these lines, people have become curious to be know all about the writer’s sister.

In addition, Gabi has in like manner been referred to in “Memories of Anne Frank” and “The Diary of Anne Frank”. According to the books, she was a particular eater and demolished. Furthermore, Gabi’s unique name is Rachel Gabrielle Ida Goslar.

Gabi Goslar Age

Age Starting at 2022, Gabi Goslar’s age is 81. The holocaust survivor was brought into the world in October 1940.

At 3 years of age, Gabi was taken to Westerbork with her loved ones. There, she encountered a serious ear sickness and expected to go through an inconvenient operation.

In addition, she spent right around 2 years in uncaring detainments and get through damnation.

Gabi Goslar Family

Gabi Goslar – Husband and Family Details There is no information about Gabi Goslar’s significant other uncovered as of now. In any case, we have a couple of bits of knowledge with respect to her loved ones.

Gabi’s sister is Hannah Goslar, who was a dear sidekick of Anne Frank. She was brought into the world on 12 November 1928 in Berlin, Germany. Also, her total name is Hannah Elizabeth “Hanneli” Pick-Goslar.

Hannah is a past clinical overseer. She had gone to the 6th Montessori School in Amsterdam with Anne Frank.

Gabi’s people were Hans Goslar and Ruth Judith Klee. Her father, Hans, was specialist serve for local issues in Germany until 1933. Also, her mother, Ruth, was an instructor. Both of her people were mindful Jews.


Something grievous is that Gabi’s mother passed on delivering her third youngster; the kid was stillborn.

Gabi’s sister, Hannah, married Dr. Walter Pinchas Park. She is the mother of three young people. Also, she has eleven grandchildren and more than 20 uncommon grandchildren.


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