Columbian Women – Most beautiful Colombian Women

Columbian Women - Most beautiful Colombian Women
Columbian Women - Most beautiful Colombian Women

First, I am not objectifying the Columbian women rather this is an honest depiction of my appreciation through photos taken during my recent trip there. Colombian women are worth a mention. Their beauty is unmatched. It is no surprise that the majority of Miss Universe contestants and winners hail from Colombia and Venezuela.

Santa Marta

After arriving in Santa Marta and Cartagena , I was awestruck by the beautiful women who were all over the place. They sold vegetables on the streets, bought tickets at the railway counters, ran street salons, and were generally well-dressed and vivacious. My camera was just too good to stop clicking. I took probably two hundred photos of women alone. My Swiss companions were shocked but had to admit that Swiss beauty standards were higher than those of their Scandinavian counterparts.

It is up for debate. As the days went by, I would continue walking down to the square and passing the bustling markets. 70% of the vendors and hawkers in the market were women. I noticed them engaging in flirtations and bargaining with customers. The shop owner was quite charming and attracted to the customers. Here, beauty standards are very high. Nevertheless, I was able to observe that some columbian women adhere to unrealistic beauty standards after a few days.

Many beauty tips were readily available on the streets. Many young girls have opened beauty salons right on the street. They offer services such as eye brow tinting, hair braiding, and day makeup. I also saw many pregnant teenage girls and their moms. As I was taking photos, a young mom with her baby followed me and asked me to purchase some lollipops. I smiled when I realized she was actually asking for money. Later, I felt terrible and realized that it was so hard to raise a child alone. The Medellin women were more outgoing and modern than the men. There I met writers and artists who saw beyond their physical selves. Despite this, they were open to admitting that the beauty standards in their country are too high and often unrealistic. It is a complicated society that is still going through many changes. Not being judgemental here. Simply observe!


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