Billy Ethridge

This photo taken May 21, 2008, shows ZZ Top band members Dusty Hill (L), Billy Gibbons (C) and Frank Beard (R) arriving for the American Idol 2008 Finale held at the Nokia theatre in Los Angeles. - Dusty Hill, the longtime bassist for ZZ Top, died on July 28, 2021, in his sleep at his home in Houston. He was 72. Bandmates Gibbons and Beard announced his death. (Photo by Chris Delmas / AFP)

The late Billy Ethridge born in Drew County in 1930 and lived in Lake Village for quite some time. He was an alum of Dermott High School and served in the U.S. Armed force. He resigned from the Army in 1986 after over fifty years of administration, and he worked for Alice-Sydney Dryer and Seed Company. He was a functioning individual from the Oak Grove Free Will Baptist Church.

He has numerous political affiliations, including the Democratic Party and the Christian Union. The band’s most memorable single, “Will You Still Love Me”, was delivered in 1969. It arrived at the number eight situation on the Billboard 200 collection diagrams in mid 1974. After Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Jeff Beck left the band, the gathering was brought together. The new setup was made out of the drummer, and bassist Frank Beard.

Billy Ethridge has an extensive rundown of political affiliations. His mom and sister are both Democratic. He has been an individual from Sam and Dave for almost 30 years. His sister, Elizabeth Williamson, was an unmistakable engineer in London. His dad, John Williamson, was an individual from the House of Commons and a legal counselor. He was the last chosen city chairman of Texas and filled in as the area’s lead representative from 1748 to 1809.

Billy Ethridge has a political connection with the Democratic Party and is an individual from the ZZ Top. He played the dad of Angela Montenegro in the TV program “Bones.” He is presently a political extremist. This is a miserable day for the rowdy legend. He’ll be missed. He will constantly be associated with his music. In this way, on the off chance that you’re searching for a life story on the unbelievable bassist, read on!

As a significant figure throughout the entire existence of the band, Billy Ethridge’s life story is a must-peruse for any devotee of rock and roll. It is a recognition for his incredible commitment to the music scene. It has been commended by pundits and fans the same. As a matter of fact, the narrative has won seven Grammy Awards, and the band will act in the celebration on March 2021

As a functioning political lobbyist, Billy Ethridge hosts joined a few political gatherings. He is a previous individual from Sam and Dave and Frank Beard, as well as Dusty Hill. His most memorable independent collection, Tres Hombres, was delivered in 1987. The band’s most memorable single, “12 PM,” turned into a hit and prompted Ethridge’s choice to resign from the band. The band’s prosperity was guaranteed by the ensuing arrival of a few singles.

Ethridge’s political affiliations have stayed steady. During the ’70s, he was an individual from the American Labor Party and dealt with the development of the Westminster Bridge. This was his second independent collection, and his third generally. Notwithstanding his performance work, he has teamed up with various different craftsmen, including Frank Beard, Dan Mitchell, and Sam and Dave.

In his later years, he kept on proceeding as an independent craftsman. He kept on dealing with his independent collections, and performed at various gigs all through his profession. He is a politically dynamic dissident and an energetic tracker, guaranteeing his Cherokee legacy to be a huge resource for his hunting abilities. He likewise delighted in sharing accounts of his undertakings, like pulling catfish. The devoted outdoorsman was dependably prepared for an experience. He is made due by three baby children and his folks James and Velma Haven Ethridge.

The previous individual from Sam and Dave, Frank Beard, and Dusty Hill, Etheridge’s political affiliations incorporate the United States Congress and the Democratic Party. He is a performer who has been dynamic for over forty years. He has visited the globe and recorded various famous collections. In 2017, he was selected for a Grammy Award for his tune, “Earnestly, anything is possible”.

Billie Ethridge’s political affiliations are shifted, yet his governmental issues are not questionable. He is a previous individual from Sam and Dave, Frank Beard, and Dusty Hill. His most memorable independent collection, Tres Hombres, was a business achievement, and he has been a main voice in exciting music since the 1980s. There are various debates encompassing Billy Ethridge’s past.


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