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Best PS4 Karaoke Games to Play

Karaoke is among the most pleasurable activities to take part in. It aids in the release of tension and brings an immense amount of joy for those taking part. Additionally, it’s enjoyable to test your singing abilities within the game. Karaoke games are among the best methods to get into activities and spend time. This article present the best PS4 Karaoke games you must try.

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SingStar Ultimate Party

If you want to make your celebration enjoyable, add this game to your party and enjoy yourself playing with your friends. This game was rated as one of the top party games by the critics. Players will need relay their microphones to and have fun. There are a variety of party tunes that will get your party started.

Let’s Sing!

The game came out in the month of October, 2019 and is the most up-to-date version of the series. It is possible to play the game solo or play it in a multiplayer mode if there are friends around. What you must perform is to sing along the music that plays in the background while keeping track of the beat. It’s simple to play, and a fun singing game.

Rock Band 4

The game is part of the game series “Rockband” This game is the fourth installment. It was extremely anticipated. It has 60 songs in the game, and it includes a collection of 2000 songs. You are able to play solo or multi-player on this game depending on your preferences. The wide selection of music available will make playing fun in game night.

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Karaoke Revolution

It is based on the 20 the-century famous musical television show on fox show, this game has been extremely popular throughout North America and Europe where it was initially launched. The participant will be required to follow the song lyrics to the musical show performing by the performer. There will be a crowd which will have a cheer, based on the level of performance that the artist did. A crowd meter to show that the appreciation of the crowd.

Sing Star Make That

It was the first to be launched in Europe and is component of the sing star series. It is imperative that the player follows the lyrics and sing at the appropriate pitch and stay in tune with the beat. Additionally, there are challenges within this game that are won by the player based on how well he performs overall.

Just Sing

The game was launched in the PS4 in 2016, this game is among the most popular karaoke game among gamers. It’s part of a game called “Just dance” and runs using a unity engine. Two modes are available in the game that provide a fun experience, which is party or battle. The first mode is where it will listen to the lip-sync of the player to create an audio track, but the second one is somewhat fierce.

Lets Sing

It can be played as a single player or as multi-player modes, according to the preference of the player. It’s a well-known Karaoke game played in all across Europe as well as North America where it was first introduced in. Bring the singer inside you shine through by participating in the game.

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We Sing 2

The game uses Unreal Engine 4 in order to keep the game on. You can pick between two modes of enjoy, which include single-player and multiplayer. The series has had 10 variations of the to sing series and this is the first edition and can support up to 4 simultaneous players singing from microphones.

Now That’s What I Call Sing 2

If you’re someone who loves pop music then this game for karaoke perfect for those who love to sing. It has around thirty songs, and is a multi-player game in which you share the microphone with the various participants. It’s fun and most often played by people during evenings out with buddies. It is possible to use your smartphone to serve as a microphone in the game.

We Sing

The game was originally released with various variations to it over the years as time went through. Players can play either in multiplayer or single-player mode, depending on how they find it enjoyable. It is powered by unreal engine 4, and contains around 40 songs in one playlist. It’s fun to sing along, and an excellent way to spend time with your buddies.

Sing Star Celebration

Players must perform songs using microphones, to which they use their mobile phones. This game is a component of the Singstar series, which was released in October of 2017. It features 30 songs from the pop genre which you can sing along with 8 participants that can only increase the excitement of karaoke nights. Let your inner rock star the chance to shine through this fun game.

We Sing Pop!

Players must join in with the music and the rhythm of the song in order to participate in the game. The game features songs by the most famous artists in the world like chain-smokers Bruno Mars, Beyonce, among others. So that you are able to sing your favourite pop songs to the crowd. It is possible to invite four people or use it by yourself.

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Let’s Sing Country

As the title suggests the game is comprised of country music that is great that you can sing to. It is possible to play in an online multiplayer game or sing it by yourself and it’s all up to you. Around 30 tracks are that are included in the game which means you’re able to choose music that fits your mood most and start playing.

Disney Sing It

We were raised watching everything on Disney and with no doubt, it’s one of the most important aspects of our lives. Its songs always bring us nostalgia. Therefore, by playing this karaoke app it is possible to experience memories as it features 35 songs with Disney affiliations that you are able to sing in a group or with friends. Let the child inside your and purchase this game.

SingStar Frozen

It was launched in the month of October, 2017 The game received a lots of attention and was a huge hit with reviewers. The main reason is its inclusion of the top-selling songs as part of the Disney frozen collection. Players can utilize phones as microphones perform and sing as a team or on their own.


They were among the most popular and played songs ever played. If you’re looking to sing however you aren’t keen on going out, just purchase one of these games for your PS4 Karaoke games and start singing.



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