Best Birthday Gifts To Send To Your Loved Ones Who Live Overseas


Living in another country, pursuing a dream job, and leaving your friends and family is extremely hard. You realize that taking care of a long-distance relationship is so difficult. One thing you must miss when you are staying overseas is special days for your friends and family like birthday events, anniversaries, and celebrations, and you wish you could travel and surprise them.

Yet, you can’t go, that doesn’t mean you should leave the possibility of celebrating your dear one’s special day. You can send them lots of wonderful birthday gifts like you can send them to express flowers delivery in Canada and make the day noteworthy. Finding the right gift and delivering it is difficult to work. Here we have curated a list for you of amazing birthday gift ideas which you can send to your friends and family that will keep your minds and remind them of the amount you love them.

Make A Video For Them

Make a random video for them, with everybody they know wishing happy birthday to them, trailed by a customized wishing note. It would satisfy them. It will convey that distance doesn’t let connections disappear.


You needn’t bother to be artful with scissors and stickers to make a lovely scrapbook loaded with your cherished recollections and most loved photographs. Photobooks today are sleeker than the photograph collections of your life as a youngster and simpler to make.

Passport Wallet

Shuffling your passport, IDs, cash, ticket, and the wide range of easily overlooked details that are fundamental when traveling can be challenging. A passport wallet is an extraordinary method for remaining coordinated and monitoring every significant report that somebody traveling to another country will require.

Digital Photo Frame

Like a memory book, a digital photo frame can be an excellent method for helping your loved ones to remember all your good times together. It will be especially simple since we frequently take many pictures on our telephones or cameras. You can upload this multitude of pictures to the digital photo frame, and it tends to be a consistent reminder and the best birthday gift to your loved one as they have started their new life.

Custom Throw Pillow

Adorn the bedroom with the custom photograph throw cushions. Essentially, select your most loved memories in general. As the planner, you can pick the texture in micro suede, poplin, cloth, or sequin in each of the three sizes. They will cherish napping with these soft and endearing pillows.

Customized Wooden Map

A customized map on a wooden material is a lovely birthday gift for somebody moving to another country. You can pick any guide – their local home, where they got hitched, or a most loved hang-out spot; this will bring a smile and tearfulness to their new home.

Customized T-shirt

When some of our dear ones move abroad for higher studies, you can send them a customized shirt. You can get a picture from one of our gatherings and have it imprinted on the shirt. It will be exceptionally reflective, as we most likely knew we would be feeling the missing of our gang very soon. You can undoubtedly customize it utilizing pictures, maps, or any message. This gift takes almost no room, and they might wear it upon the arrival of travel for comfort!

Flower Delivery

Sending flowers is a very nice idea for that special someone in your life, and having them conveyed right at their location is similarly great! You can do so by utilizing online sites which offer various kinds of flower packs, which are magnificent! If you want to take it one step further, you could pick their blossom membership program and have flowers conveyed routinely to a location of your choice.


If your loved one is captivated by photography and catching great recollections on their excursions, a camera is your ideal choice. There is a nice scope of cameras – from costly and proficient DSLR or mirrorless cameras to fun and unconstrained instant cameras. We know that giving a professional camera isn’t for some individuals because of the budget plan, so getting an instant camera is a particular choice, particularly for someone who loves to catch moments with friends and enrich their room.


We live in a modern era, and delivering cakes to somebody has become simple. Whether you need to send cake to Canada online or anywhere worldwide, you can get it online. When it gets conveyed, you might video call them and wish them a Happy Birthday while they cut the cake you gave.

Thus, these are a couple of birthday gifts for your loved ones who live abroad. Tell the world that distance doesn’t change strong connections.


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