Auroson House – Residential Area


The people group began with Auroson Home, worked for a group of 5, in 1969. The house was especially committed to nature, with liquid spaces interconnected to liberal yards. Nonetheless, early obliviousness and idealism, didn’t direct the need for security against bugs and hoodlums. Subsequently, many ventures that followed, must be imagined in an unexpected way, and accordingly built.

Auroson Bystrom-furniture plan

Creator Auroson Bystrom is an inconsistency. The Indian Born 37 year old of Swedish plunge incorporates his complicated environmental factors of India as well as merges them with his feeling of moderation which comes from his Northern European courses.


Bystrom was brought up in Auroville, India. For Bystrom contrary energies assume a part continually pushing against each other to make a coordinated benchmark


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