Asian fishing eyeliner & normal eyeliner


Asian fishing Eyeliner a crucial aspect of makeup that cannot be beat. An essential part of every makeup routine It’s the best option to enhance your eyeshadow appearance. When it comes to selecting the right eyeliner for your particular eye shape, there’s no universally-fit-all solution. There’s nothing as bad as a bad-looking or unstyled eyeliner, however sometimes changing your shape is the best method to improve the natural shape of your eyes. With the ever-growing popularity of beauty trends, a variety of different makeup styles that people are enthralled to design are emerging. In the following article we’ll talk about the three most popular eyeliner styles and the best way to apply these flawlessly.

How do I know Asian Fishing makeup, and how can you do it?

Asian fishing Eyeliner has become a brand new term that was recently brought to the forefront. The concept of Asian fishing was born out of the popular TikTok video. Since then, people have been talking about the topic growing in popularity. Although people are beginning to make use of Asian Fishing, fetishizing and sexualizing Asian Women has a long tradition.

Best Asian eye makeup tips

Prep your lids

First, to achieve the ideal Asian style, you must prepare your eyelids to ensure that they hold eyeshadow. It’s not a mistake to skip this step. Make use of primer and then coat your lips with concealer or foundation before moving on to makeup, eyeshadow and the lashes.

Eyeliner, eyeshadow and other products

Asian fishing Eyeliner are typically smaller. This is why makeup concentrates on making eyes appear larger. It is essential to have eyeliner and eyeshadow. If you don’t have eyeshadow or not, you can use eyeliner. There isn’t a specific eyeliner specifically for Asian women. However, black liquid liner, as well as brown color pencils for shadows are utilized as a starting point.

Use mascara

Another makeup product is mascara. Both are essential for a flawless makeup appearance since makeup is not complete without mascara and eyeliner. The eyeliner makes it stand out. It makes your eyes pop. Asian eyes are short and have straight eyelashes. Makeup can be applied from top to bottom for flawless eyelashes that are consecutive. It’s perfect for Asian eyes makeup.

Work on looks

When you’re done with mascara for your eyes, pay attention to your looks. Make use of dark eyeshadows and white pencils under the eye. This will give you a appearance that is brighter and larger. To achieve a stunning Asian appearance, try playing with dimension to give your eyes. “with an eyelid that is mono Your aim is making the eyes look more prominent. It is also possible to apply triangle techniques when you do makeup Smokey eye makeup.

How do I use Fox Eye Makeup and how do I apply it?

Fox eye makeup creates an optical illusion which makes your eyes appear longer. It is possible to use a variety of eyeshadows to achieve the appearance. Some make use of Q-tips, while others apply black or brown eyeshadows to create an upwards movement to the temples. To create the illusion of optical by using the same eyeshadow it is necessary to apply some to the inner corner of your eye. Fox Eye Makeup is about manipulating the eye’s area to create an attractive appearance. Some makeup experts believe that the result of Fox Eye Makeup is similar to plastic surgery by itself.

Step By Step Guide For Fox Eyeliner

Eyelid Priming

Always apply concealer on your eyes and apply a translucent foundation that is matched to your skin shade.

Wings are the wings that make up the creation

Utilizing the brown eyeshadow with the angle brush make a line starting in the center on the lid. When making eyeliner, make sure it’s thin and create the curved wings. The lines can be softened in order to smooth them out.

Add Black

Apply eye shadow in black to create a brown tone uniform and to add the volume. Blend the edges until the colors flow seamlessly over one another.

Eyelids, eyelids, and the inner corners

Make use of brown eyeshade to create creating a crease, but not to overpower other shades. Make a light shade and place it on the central area of your eyelids for added the volume. Then, apply an eyeliner that is a tiny v inner corner using darker brown, or black shade to resemble fox eyes. Make sure to finish the appearance with mascara.

What makes fox Eye Makeup Different from Asian eye makeup?

The eyes of foxes tend to be almond eyes that have straight wings. Cat eyes are curled upwards to give a round look. Fox eyes are distinguished by their external angled wings as well as inside inclined wings. However the cat eye is depicted by only the exterior portion.

Asian fishing is not about eyeshadows makeup, costumes, or eyeshadow only; it’s about altering your face features to conform to the standard beauty guidelines. Therefore, the focus of the party is on profit while increasing Asian obsession without paying at the effects.

Do you appear Asian by using winged eyeliner?

It’s not possible to appear like the look of an Asian eye makeup look by putting eyeliner in at the corner of the eyes. One illustration of Asian fishing is to use white eyeliner in order to create a look that is more elongated or dip. Another method of Asian fishing is to put false lashes around the edges of your eyes to create a look of grip so that your eyes are slanted. Many people try to apply brown eyeshadow to your eyes to remove the sal, which is often referred to as to be the “Asian eye bag.”

Asian Eyeliner VS Normal Eyeliner

You can experiment with almost every kind of eyeliner you can think of to create a more natural eyeliner appearance and will also flatter your eyes. For experimenting with the look, begin by drawing a thin line in the inner corner. Then gradually increase the thickness until you reach the outer part that is the outer third of an eye. It is possible to stop there and add wings to the top. After that, apply a coat mascara to your eyelashes and the usual eyeliner look is now complete!

However, Asian eyes appear better when using sweep eyeliner rather than cat eyeliner since the cat eyeliner can make the eyes of Asians appear dull. The wing-like eyeliner emphasizes the form of the eyes , creating clean eyes.


Asian fishy makeup as well as a foxy eyeliner make Asian facial features look gorgeous. The trend began after an TikTok video and now people are now more comfortable with Asian facial features. Asian designs are mostly focused on the eyes, using small straight eyelashes , and dark shadows. This look is currently the most popular trending style; numerous Asians as well as Americans have adopted this look.


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