9 Tips for Sun Safety on Farm Fields – Avoid Heat Wave Danger


India is a sun-abundant and farming-intensive country. Despite the dangerous heatwave all year round, Indian farmers selflessly serve our food security needs.

It is stated that working long hours in the sun without proper protection can cause serious health issues such as heat stroke or hazardous skin cancer if sun exposure is long enough.

Whether you are performing detailed farming with Mahindra 265 or cruising the field to collect harvests, make sure you follow the best 9 tips to stay protected from the sun.

  1. Wear light, breathable clothing

While working on the field, consider wearing full-sleeved or fully covered, breathable fabric clothes. Prefer cotton, light-coloured fabrics, as they help against soaking of harmful UV rays.

Cover up the arms, legs, and other body areas as much as possible.

  1. Apply good quality sunscreen

Sunscreen may sound like a cosmetic product, but they are gender-neutral products that do miracles in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Choose a good brand of sunscreen with SPF above 30 and reapply after sweating or after 2-3 hours if possible.

Also, even if you are indoors or the weather is cloudy, still apply sunscreens as no indoor walls or clouds can prevent the UV rays from spotting you.

3. Add a roof to your tractors

If you are traversing the field often on the tractor, consider attaching a steel shade or fabric canopy on your tractor’s top to avoid direct sunlight spotting you. Or you can consider buying cabin tractors, specially made to protect you from sun waves, harmful carbon emissions or dust particles.

4. Avoid certain time

If not required, try to avoid the basic farming activities between 10 am to 4 pm, as the sun is at its peak during these hours and can profoundly affect the skin.

5. Plant fast-growing shade trees

If you have surplus space on the field, consider growing some trees that can provide you shade and protect you from sun heat.

6. Wear sunglasses

If it doesn’t hinder your farm work, consider wearing light-shaded sunglasses to protect your eyes and skin around them from the UV rays. This will even help avoid signs of premature ageing, such as wrinkles.

7. Keep sipping fluids

Constant sun exposure can take away all the body fluid in the form of perspiration. Therefore, whenever you are cruising the field with warm sunlight, it is best to carry water in thermostat bottles.

Or you can carry other raw juices you like and sip them frequently during your farming activities. Staying hydrated will help you even when you are losing water and will keep you active and safe while working.

8. Wear a hat, cap or any coverall

Avoid having your head and hair getting exposed to heat waves as they damage the hair or simply discolour them or impact the scalp within it. Wear either a cap or hat to avoid sun exposure.

9. Keep a Spray Water Bottle

Carrying a spray water bottle to avoid overheating and keep the body temperature normal. And whenever you can, sprinkle some water over the face and sun-exposed body parts. Doing this can significantly keep the body temperature at normal levels.

What is ideal to do during heat exhaustion or sunstroke?

In case you have worked hard in the field and somehow got heat exhaustion or sunstroke, here are a few remedies you can opt for:

Hydrate Yourself With Fluids

Heatwaves can diminish the body fluids that keep you cool. Try replenishing your body with maximum fluid intake. Drink plenty of water and raw onion juices to fight the odds of sunburns and sunstroke. Or consume other fluids of your choice. It is best if you drink electrolytes as they are rich in salt and minerals; they work best in such scenarios.

Soak Yourself in Water

Since your body is overheating now from constant sun exposure, it’s essential to cool down its temperature. For that, it is best to soak or immerse yourself in a cold water body or drench a cotton cloth with water and pour it over the body. This can significantly help bring down the body temperature to normal.

Note that sunstroke is completely different from heatstroke, which is dangerous if left untreated. If you have hot, dry skin, profuse sweating, seizures, confusion, fatigue, unconsciousness, and high body temperature, then consider seeking medical health.

Sunstroke is quite common and generally passes away within 2 days. However, if things still seem unmanageable to tackle, it is best to consider calling professional medical help.

These are the few tips you can follow to protect yourself from sun waves while cruising the field with a Mahindra 265 for performing tillage or checking up on the crops.


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